A country with the richest, liveliest history and culture that inspires its guests with its colors, beauties and its hidden treasures.

Athens is the capital and the largest city of Greece. It is considered the centre of philosophy, the birthplace of democracy and the home of ancient civilization. Explore Acropolis, the archaeological sites and feel the aura of this period as you get closer to ancient civilization and you are learning about the political, philosophical, artistic and scientific achievements that formed a legacy with unparalleled influence on Western civilization. Greece has an endless agenda of cultural events, exhibits and festivals all year across the country.

For nature lovers, this country satisfies even the most demanding visitors. Independently, if you like holidays close to mountains or next to the sea, the landscape will inspire you. Endless coastlines, sandy beaches, picturesque islands, secret footpaths in dramatic gorges and national parks will captivate your senses. Seek for adventure and go for rafting in Voidomatis river, horse riding in the countryside or make a cruise to watch dolphins in the Aegean Sea and sea turtles at the west side of Greece in the Ionian sea.

While you will be wondering in Greece’s villages or islands an endless exploration of tastes and flavors will start that will initiate you more to the Greek lifestyle. Each region has its traditional specialties in order to invite you to a culinary adventure using ingredients like olive oil, special herbs and spices, dairy products and meat, all based on Mediterranean diet.

Greece country is popular across Europe regarding its social life. Many cozy cafes, restaurants filled with people, bars with atmospheric decoration and clubs for after midnight drinks are found in each area inviting you to have fun and socialize. Greeks love celebrations and having fun until the early morning hours. Take advantage of it and… act like a local.

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Greece - A 365 Day Destination

Bustling cities, small traditional villages, breathtaking nature, rich culture, imposing archaeological sites, mesmerising islands, savoury culinary treats and recipes form a fascinating destination. Enjoy Greece all year round, as each season has something special to offer. Uncover Greece's hidden treasures!

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