Coconut palm trees sway in the warm breeze, salt water mist fills the air and the sandy beaches of Oceania make it a prime location for travellers from around the globe. Exotic animals, vibrant foods and miles upon miles of tropical landscape, will be one of the many reasons you wont ever want to leave.

Architecture, cuisine and other influences vary by island. Rich culture comes from different European guidance like Spain, Germany, France, Australia and Portugal. Historic sites dating back to before WWII are available to the public, along with many large cities awaiting you for all your shopping and top notch dining experiences.

Snorkel with tropical fish at the Great Barrier Reef, sail through Tonga, Ski in New Zealand or find your wild side by black water rafting through caves in New Zealand. Oceania is packed with glorious camping spots, top diving spots, and several volcanos. An outdoor wonderland for travellers who are pulled into the native tribal culture full of fun.

From Skull Island to Palau Rock Island, you will be touched with the majestic scenery, everywhere your eyes go. Let the cool night air guide your way through your perfect vacation as you watch the sunset.

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