Chania is the most picturesque city of Crete lying on the north coast of West Crete. An ultimate paradise for food-lovers and a place with rich culture and history!

The history of Crete is one marked by invasion, occupation, struggle, resistance and independence. The island has been successively fought over by a long line of foreign powers over the centuries because of its perceived geographical, political and economic value.

A walk around the old town confirms the influence of all civilizations that left their mark unqualified during the years. Walk around the Old Venetian Harbor; see the Venetian buildings and the lighthouse that compose a scenery of special architectural and style with monuments from Venetian and Turkish era such as Firkas Fortress, the Maritime Museum, the arsenals, the Splantzia the old Turkish quarter, minaret and the Cathedral of Chania complete the unique atmosphere of the island.

A combination of different landscapes invites you to experience the majesty of nature! Pristine sandy beaches like Balos the sandy lagoon with turquoise waters, Falassarna the longest beach of Chania area, the exotic Elafonisi that seems like a work of art with its pink-white sand offer the ultimate relaxation that you need for your holidays. The lake of Kournas and the nearby villages of Apokoronas region have a different wild beauty, gorges such as Samaria which is the longest in Greece, high mountains as the White Mountains are ready to reveal their secrets.

Each year thousands of people visit Chania not only to explore the whole region but also taste the traditional Cretan cuisine that will give you the chance to know better the Cretan culture and lifestyle which is famous worldwide.

Specialties like ntakos a rusk with rubbed tomato and Cretan cream cheese, boureki a special zucchini-potato pie, chochlioi the most popular dish that it is nothing more than snails and kaltsounia the small herb or cheese pies must be at the top of your list and be accompanied with tsikoudia!


Chania: The Cretan Soul

Splendid beaches, wonderful cuisine, local traditions and customs that date back centuries… Chania is a snapshot of a wonderful wider destination.

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