Towering mountains, splendid for snow sports in the winter, and outdoor adventure in the summer cover the spectacular country side. The smell of Japanese cherry blossoms fill the crisp air as you prepare for the vacation of a lifetime.

Shinto shrines and temples from many years ago can be still seen, with their beauty still alive through the architecture and art. Festivals still held to this day for local celebrations and historic moments, invite travellers to join in the festivities.

The terrain up and around the mountains is lush during the summer months and wildlife roams free. Trails through the lands give vacationers endless activities. Hike the mountains to see the gorgeous views, raft the white water currents of the rivers or visit a volcano. Luxury golf courses are well equipped for golfers of all levels and high class restaurants are always a stones throw away.

Fresh powdered snow creates seamless ski slopes that are unlike any other. Terrain for any winter sports level can be found on the hills. Cross country skiing across the valleys couldn’t be any more beautiful as the snow covered tree’s sparkle in the sun. Soak your body in one of the hot springs and drift away into a blissful state.

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