Safari tours

Safari is a magical and unique experience! Choose the best season, decide which your Safari type is and plan your travel to the rich wildlife.

Get ready and be sure that you have packaged your safari binoculars, a flashlight or a headlamp and a camera with extra memory cards and batteries in order to captivate the incredible scenery and wildlife you will experience.

Africa boasts the most famous safari destinations displaying rare animals and dramatic landscapes but you may have this experience almost everywhere. Ranthambore Park in India, Serengeti in Tanzania and Yala Park in Sri Lanka where you will have the chance of spotting a leopard help you break away from the crowd and embark on adventure.

From Kenya, where Safaris were born, to Tanzania and Morocco where you spot lions, leopards, African elephants, rhinos and Cape buffalos in the shadow of breathtaking cliffs, volcanoes and rock towers that compose the scenery.

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