With over 7000 islands to choose from, Philippines is an island hopping paradise! Perfect white sanded beaches, turqoise waters and palm trees compose a scenery to explore and relax.

Explore Manila, the capital of Philippines, dive in Coron a premier dive destination and reach the top of the Chocolate Hill of Bohol.

In the Philippines a lot of the food sources come from the landscape and what is available. You will notice that the diet has lots of rice and coconut as they are so readily available through out the country. Rice is not only used for meals, it is also used to make cakes, wine and other sweets. Different fish and seafood are also a big part of the diet including; shellfish, crabs and crustaceans all being served fresh or in a dish with traditional spices. While there are several dishes that stand out for travellers to try, we have made a list of the top foods you MUST try in the Philippines.

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