French Alps

Monstrous mountain ranges, all unique to its own, covered with fresh snow all winter, awaits all your winter sporting needs. Wooden chalets line the forest covered hills, rushing waterfalls, natural lakes with rich blue sky above, make the French Alps known for the endless beauty.

Enjoy tasty french cuisine in one of the many mountain top restaurants, bundle in a blanket and sip France's finest wines as the snow comes down gently. Take in the view of snow covered slopes, meeting together in valleys with picture perfect villages, glowing in the snow. Venice like canals run through some of the towns giving the warming atmosphere some romance.

World class skiing at luxury ski resorts is at its best in the French Alps, holding the Olympics on three different years. Paragliding over glaciers, hiking amongst over 30,000 species of wild life, mountain biking and river rafting through the rapids of one of the raging rivers are all part of the excitement here. The National Parks show off their dazzling beauty year round. Treat yourself and try one of the mineral water thermal springs or relax on one of the lavish spa’s and let all your worries and stresses be massaged away.

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