With monstrous mountains, caustic grey cliffs, heavenly beaches and gorgeous sea side villages, Aberdeenshire has a picturesque backdrop for any get away. Huge sprawls of parklands, private coves, ancient castles and rushing rivers are dotted around the coast as well as high end golf courses.

Aberdeenshire was originally set up as a trading settlement and the home to fishermen, over the years, more and more travellers visit so they can experience the wonders, first hand. The welcoming locals will be glad to point you in the direction of some amazing sites. Dolphins are known to put on a show, as a multitude of birds fill the sky, in the harbours along the coastline. The rivers are fill of salmon and trout and distilleries making fine whisky are close by so cafe’s and bars are always freshly stocked. Savoury smells fill the air around meal time in the villages as the food is being prepared.

Go for a dip under the sunshine in the Stonehaven outdoor swimming pool, walk along the beaches on the coastal trail, walk through a historic church or experience one of the historic sites, such as the stone circles, which helped shaped the region it is today.

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