Aegean Islands

Aegean Sea or Aigaion Pelagos is home to the most idyllic islands and long sandy beaches in the world. Each year, millions of tourists visit Aegean islands in order to explore their beauties and enjoy the sun and the sea.

The origin of its name is found among many myths but the most popular explanation is that Aegean owns its name to the King of Athens, Aigeas who died in the sea.

Aegean Sea is divided into seven principal groups, from north to south. The Thracian Sea group, the east Aegean group, the Northern Sporades, the Cyclades, the Saronic Islands west of the Cyclades, the Dodecanese and Crete hide the smells, the flavors and sounds of Greece. Intense tastes, natural beauties with breathtaking landscapes and houses that look like small white sugar cubes are the main characteristics of the Greek islands that Aegean Sea hosts. Blue and white colors will fill your eyes, especially in Cyclades.

Little paved streets, diverse landscapes, the medieval cities in Dodecanese islands, the chapels and churches scattered across all the Aegean islands are all trademarks of the Aegean sea that will match everyone’s criteria.

Υour taste will be as satisfying as your eyesight during your holidays in Aegean. Olive oil, wine, mastic, honey and a healthy Mediterranean diet will help you discovering the Greece and have a culinary experience. Ask for each island’s specialties, buy local products and let locals show you their flavors. Do not hesitate tasting fried snails, various local cheeses, fava (split peas) and white aubergines and everything else that may sounds strange or you will barely find in your country.

When in Aegean, a time travel begins! Each island has its own history that you have to explore and learn. The Minoan civilization, the Byzantine and the Ottoman Empire have left an indelible mark with countless treasures and monuments.

Aegean Islands

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