Let’s see which are the real treasures of Santorini:


Traditional Villages Full of Culture

Let's have a walk at the Santorini’s alleys. You will be surprised of the buildings which are still exhibit their traditional architecture. The streets are narrow and it is impossible to turn a corner without taking a picture of their amazing and bright colors. All the villages are amazing to see for their unique qualities but most known of them are Oia, Fira, Akrotiri and Megalochori. You can have the totally view from everywhere especially from Oia if you want to see the Sunset and Akrotiri for the ancient objects, buildings and of course, tourism!


Special Flavors of Santorini

Ok, you know that Mediterranean diet is the most important for everyone. Greece is literally the food and wine source for that. Santorini, thanks to rare grapes and the long-lasting tradition of growing and harvesting them, has many wineries and restaurants where you can taste everything you want. A winery tour provide a good sampling of the island’s fare. If you want to taste special things which are growing at the very strong ground of Santorini, then, you can go to a traditional taverna and eat some specialties like Fava, sun dried tomatoes and of course meats which are growing at the local farms.


Natural Wonders

Volcano of Santorini! Yes, it is AMAZING! You can go for a walk there with the everyday boats and explore the Volcano and feel the power of it! There was a great eruption around 1613 BC that destroyed everything established on the island by then. Another Wonder which you don’t want to lose is Mesa Vouno. This gigantic rock formation is easily seen from Kamari and Perissa beach because it is what separates them. When the sun goes down, you will have an amazing and unique view. Thanks to its composition, this rock seems to shimmer and glow in the dark.

Another special natural wonder is Santorini’s hot springs. They are hot because of the nearby active volcano, is nature’s hot rub. You can stop here for a dip in the hot water and, sure, you will relax and feel special, powerful and you will melt the stress away!


Romance, Romance, Romance!

Probably you know what the mini title is talking about! You have already seen picture on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, everywhere, with many many couples, taking pictures and live their love at this island! Many weddings take part every day at the churches on the Island and of course, you know many tourists which are wanting to travel at Santorini to propose or to look for their honeymoon or making their wedding plans. Santorini is the totally romantic island for everything!



Oh, the red, black, white beach! Yes, this island has everything for your desire of your mind! The most popular is the red beach with its cliffs and sand but also amazing are the white beach, Persia beach and Monolithos beach too. Depending on where you choose to spend some time on the sand, there may even be lounge chairs and umbrellas available to use or aquatic activities to participate in. Don’t forget to have a romantic candle night dinner on a beach! Believe me, it’s the perfect way to end your night!


Amazing views at every step

It’s no matter where you are and where you take your pictures, Santorini is so Dynamic Island and you can have the best results at your images which are unique and beautiful at every time.


Riding white horses

This is the best experience ever! Riding tour at the island, by the sea, watching the sunset (if you go at the afternoon), wearing your swimwear and feel so free and in love with the nature… Ok, no words at all. Live it and we can’t wait to see your pictures and hear your stories from there!



You can explore the island on foot as well. If you are up for the trek, it is highly recommended to be able to see the quickly shifting landscape of rolling hills and steep cliffs!

If it was possible to write as how much as we want, we do not stop writing for this extraordinary island. You can do whatever you want, you can keep in your mind this amazing pictures of Santorini’s view and most of all, you will feel the positive energy when you walk at Santorini’s rocks! Just, live it!