Broad grassy mountains, hidden historic castles, Highlands, mystical lochs and handsome cities make Scotland a vacationers fortress. A colourful yet rough landscape holds secrets worth looking into. Roaming hills, monuments and national parks in Scotland are an ideal spot for vacationers who look forward to luxury, breath taking beauty and a lot of fun.

Scotland has fascinated people since the ice age with the remote islands, forests full of game for hunters and warm culture. The history of the land includes stories of Vikings, ghost sightings and legends of Nessie. Many museum’s, available with interactive learning, are scattered in the region. The Highlands will show you the beauty of the rugged landscape, little villages and all the surroundings. Historical sites land between the cities making road trips a popular way to travel.

Board the Royal Yacht Britannia and see how royalty lived for more than 40 years, admire the colourful setting of Isle Of Skye and walk along the endless sandy beaches or go for a round of Golf at St. Andrews under the blue sky. Enjoy a music festival, one of the best whiskey tours or visit a haunted house for a thrill you wont ever forget

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