A colourful coastline with sun kissed sands meets the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean, statuesque mountains, stunning cliffs, and rock formations create the most graceful landscape. Visitors are romanced by the dazzling sun while discovering the all amazing things Andalusia has to offer.

South of the Iberian peninsula lays the 8 provinces of Andalusia. Cadiz, Granada, Cordoba, Huelva, Jaen, Almeria, Malaga and last but not least, the capital, Seville. Strong heritage comes from the Arab, Roman, Vandal, Greek and Phoenician settlers. Multiple spectacular mountain ranges with unlimited trails through thick oak forests and olive groves, view points, glorious rivers surrounded by almond blossom flowers and meadows filled with wild flowers for nature lovers to revel in, occupy part of the legendary landscape.

Grenada and Seville are two of the larger cities in the region. Both unique to its own style, yet full of charm. Join the fun at one of the many festivals and see how locals party in Andalusia.

A gypsy vibe is evident in the art work, music and buildings everywhere you turn, allowing you to feel care free as you try some of Spain's finest foods in the luxurious restaurants. Enjoy a warm night, trying some of the tempting local wines and rich traditional foods, or view the spectacular scenery while sipping on your morning coffee, and let the cool air guide you to your next adventure.

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