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Unique Group is a company that offers numerous, well designed and unique services for travelers as well as tourism experts. Shaping a global tourist community in which everyone can participate. Traveler is a magazine designed to inspire people for their next vacation.

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Discover unique chalets and luxury rentals for your next vacation all over the world. Unique Villas will help you find the best chalet that suits you and make your trip a memorable one!


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aaaVeee Nature’s Paradise Island

aaaVeee Nature's Paradise Private Island

Canggu's best shops

Canggu's best shops

Villa Paradiso Phuket

Room with a view, please!

Villa Batujimbar is the epitomizing of Balinese style

Villa Batujimbar is the epitomizing of Bali style

Rhode's Gastronomy

Rhodes Gastronomy

Nafsika Estate Santorini

Santorini Island has the most charming balconies to enjoy the sunset

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