Northern Light Tours

In ancient China, people used to believe that the natural phenomenon of Northern Lights were a dragons fiery breath flashing across the sky!

The northern lights, or Αurora Βorealis, offer an entrancing, magical display that fascinates anyone who has the opportunity to see it around the countries of Arctic and Antarctic commonly known as the “aurora zone”.

Cold weather, clear skies, and dark nights make the optimal aurora spotting conditions. Plan your visit during the winter months due to the extended hours of darkness and choose your favorite hot spot to view this phenomenon characterized by green-yellow and white-gray colors. The highest probability of seeing the Nothern Lights covers most Alaska, northern parts of Canada, Iceland, Sweden and Finland.

Caused by the interaction of particles from the sun with the upper atmosphere near the North Pole make the sky glows usually during the time period called magnetic midnight, which is some hours before midnight and is when the viewer, the North Pole and the sun are in alignment!

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