A winter wonderland like no other, where wild reindeer roam the lands, northern lights dance in the night sky and the home of Santa Clause. Located in Northwest Finland, home to the Sami People, known for their big welcoming smiles, Lapland is an extraordinary outdoor play land.

Winter brings complete darkness, lasting through the day, making the dancing glow of the blue and green aurora borealis even more brilliant. Reindeer roam through the true Finnish wilderness. Feel the magic of the Santa Clause village where all your dreams come to life. Elves, hot chocolate, sleigh rides and activities with Santa are known to bring your inner child out, and excitement is everywhere.

Summer months feature sunshine all day long, lighting the way for the many outdoor activities. The capital city of Rovaniemi boasts of modern style after the destruction in WWII. The reindeer antler shaped city celebrates beautiful art, local music, delicious foods and fine wines.

A true Finnish sauna is an experience you wont receive anywhere else, used to unwind and relax. Hike the beautiful trails in the historic hills, ski through some of the best snow, enjoy a fresh salmon dinner and embrace the culture and mystery of your surroundings.

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