Home to one of the most photographed and beautiful beaches in the world, Navagio beach and of the Caretta turtle. Zante has an unspoiled natural beauty while hillsides with pine forests, olive groves, vineyards and idyllic beaches will fulfill your expectations.

The most busiest resort of the island, Laganas is the ideal place for intense nighlife, otherwise if you are sport-lover go snorkelling or scuba diving between rocks and in underwater caves.

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Eating out in the Greek Island of Zante is not only a matter of entertainment. In fact, it is one of the best possible ways to interact and understand the local culture, the tradition as well as the lifestyle of the local people. Eating out constitutes a whole ritual for the Greeks and food enthusiasts in Zakynthos will find themselves lost into an endless gastronomic destination like no other. In general, the Island has almost every type of mainstream cuisine; from the traditional to the Italian and Chinese, Zante impresses travelers with its wide variety of food options. However, exploring the Greek and the local Zakynthian cuisine is a must-try experience.

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Top sights in Zante

Top sights in Zante

Navagio beach in Zante

Navagio beach in Zante

things to do in Zante

Things to do in Zante

top beaches in Zante

Top beaches in Zante

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The best beaches in the Ionian Islands

A Guide of Ionian Islands

A Guide of Ionian Islands

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