Tanah Lot

A charming stony coastline lines the warm blue sea’s at Tanah Lot. The tropical vegetation brightens up the backdrop of the beach, as the tide goes in and out little pools of water form in the rocks for swimmers to take a dip. The large rock formation holding Tanah Lot Temple stands bold and powerful in the crashing waves.

The water levels of low tide reveal a pathway around the temple to a fountain pouring Holy water, blessing anyone who touches it. Stone stair cases lead you to the Temple, where at night you will witness the most incredible sunset you have ever seen. Joined by sounds of the waves lapping below you, there is an utmost sense of peace.

Beaches surrounding the temple are equipped with perfect sand to stretch out on and sunbathe in, and the crowning waves are a paradise for surfers. Snack huts line the beaches and trails with fresh made local treats and cold drinks.

Feel blessed as your toes dig into the sand and the soft wind blows around you, enjoy the calm feeling of Tanah Lot and its surroundings. Reset yourself as you explore the restaurants and shops in the area as everywhere you go you will be met with a smiling face.

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