Rethymno is one of the most charming towns of Crete with vivid history. Crete's third-largest town has a romantic aura due to its medieval architecture that derives from the Venetian and Turkish domination.

The Fortress also known as Fortezza established during the Venetian occupation, offers great views from the town and it is the best way to start your exploration. Walk along the harbor wall to the Venetian lighthouse and if you are keen on history then a visit at the Archaeological museum at the entrance to the fortress or at the Folklore and history museum will offer you some food for thought during your stay!

Its pedestrian streets with the old – style buildings, minarets and the harbor inspire you to stroll around the city, enjoy its beauties and have enough to discover for weeks!

You will never be disappointed of the nightlife that this city offers as excellent bars, restaurants and cafes offer memorable moments in this colorful town. Have a meal in a tavern and taste the treasures of the Cretan cuisine. Ask locals to suggest you authentic traditional dishes for a culinary experience like no other, based on products that aren’t found anywhere else in Greece like local cheeses, goat meat and herbs.

An important event of this town is “The Carnival of Rethymno”. A cultural event of creativity organized by the Municipality of Rethymno along with the valuable support of numerous volunteers that highlights the reach tradition of the town and attracts thousands of visitors from all over Greece and the rest of the world each year.

Venturing outside the town, you will visit dramatic gorges like Mili, the Arcadi monastery built in the 14th century and well known as one of the most important centers of the Cretan resistance against the Turkish occupation and a symbol of fight for freedom, time-trodden villages Bali, Anogia, Zoniana, Argiroupoli and the south coast Libyan sea that offer swimming paradises mostly in a secluded, tranquil scenery well known for their calm environment and the crystal clear water.

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