1. Seminyak Beach

Situated on the west shore of the southern district of Bali, toward the north of Kuta and south of Umalas, Seminyak Beach is generally peaceful amid the day. It’s cool, radiant and windy atmosphere gives an ideal site to spending time with your companions, kite flying, sunbathing or swimming – however, make certain to check the warnings shown by lifeguards demonstrating a 'No-Swim Zone' before you hop into the sea. Surfing in specific zones of the shoreline is permitted and you can lease surfing sheets at the shoreline for the same cost as in Kuta.


2. Petitenget Temple

Petitenget Temple, or 'Pura Petitenget' in the local tongue, is Seminyak's sole and main social milestone. An unquestionable requirement sees, particularly in case you're remaining in the zone, the hundreds of years old temples springs up amid its festive 210-day commemorations. The name of the road that runs parallel to the shoreline is really taken from the sanctuary. Additionally, the namesake Petitenget Beach is just a couple of steps from the sanctuary where guests and local people appreciate the best spots to partake in the beautiful nightfall minutes. Another temple sits other than the primary courtyard, named Masceti Ulun Tanjung Temple, and to which neighborhood villagers pray God for safety.


3. Double Six Beach

Double Six Beach, additionally alluded to as 'Blue Ocean Beach', is a half-kilometer stretch of brilliant white sand that is a piece of the entire length of Seminyak Beach. The shoreline connects the northernmost portion of Legian, likewise alluded to as 'Blue Ocean Beach' and Seminyak's southernmost beachfront of The Oberoi Bali resort, which is frequently alluded to just as 'Oberoi Beach'. Some portion of Jalan Double Six (otherwise called 'Jalan Arjuna'), one of Legian's primary shoreline side lanes, runs parallel the shoreline, fixed with hip bars and eateries.


4. Totem Room Escape Challenge Bali

Go to Totem Room Escape Challenge Bali where you and your partner, or a hover of up to six companions, can appreciate a really fun hour inside in Seminyak. As a group, you are transported into unpredictably planned 'universes' or diversion rooms and tossed directly into a situation with a progression of riddles that just your joined inward sleuths can unravel. A computerized clock ticking continuously overhead is an addition to the adrenaline surge as your mind cells are continued terminating until your definitive 'escape'.


5. Dream Museum Zone (DMZ) Bali 3D

Dream Museum Zone (DMZ) Bali is a fun and intelligent art gallery highlighting a huge collection of three-dimensional, life-sized wall paintings for guests to pose and play with. The exhibition includes a rich cluster of astonishingly painted fine arts that fill in as background for deceptive three-dimensional photography. There are a total of 120 unique artworks in 14 distinct classifications spread across three levels, which give an entire day of creativity. The exhibition hall is situated on Jalan Nakula, appropriate off the intersection of Jalan Dewi Sri and Kuta's Sunset Road, and directly down the road from the TS Suites in Seminyak.


6. Echo Beach

Echo Beach is a standout amongst Bali's most prominent surf spots. The local name of this beach is 'Pantai Batu Mejan', after a critical Balinese Hindu sea temple on location. Sharing the quiet rice field-arranged area of Canggu with other wave-riding haunts, for example, Berawa, Seseh, and Pererenan, Echo Beach has turned out to be most mainstream because of its propelled reef breaks, 180-degree seascape and dusks, and exhibit of flavorful fish cafes set on a high vantage point from where to appreciate everything. The shoreline is spotless and well-kept, and it's an extraordinary place to chill with a laid-back vibe, incredible perspectives, and delightful fish.


7. Escape Room Bali

Escape Room Bali offers extraordinary indoor fun on the Seminyak end of Sunset Road, with four vivid escape room difficulties where groups of 2-6 individuals can play and cooperate to explain distinctive pieces of information and riddles – with the target of getting away from the room inside a restricted time. The amusements are centered on critical thinking and team building, making it an incredible side interest choice for families and perfect for corporate occasions.


8. Nyaman Gallery

Nyaman Gallery is a comfortable and private art space on the Seminyak Road of Jalan Basangkasa, where you'll locate a differing grouping of contemporary pieces made by local Balinese and Indonesian developing artists, just as an assortment of cautiously curate global talents. Inside the unpretentiously lit spaces, you will discover exposed walls canvassed in artworks and photos, while a few corners likewise display 'wearable art' things and colorful stylistic layout pieces intended for your villa or home.


9. Biasa Art Space

Going on its name, Biasa Art Space ought to be normal. Notwithstanding, it truly can't be characterized accordingly. This workmanship focus has been at the cutting edge in advancing youthful and gifted Javanese and Balinese artists of the contemporary kind since 2005, and is the place the imaginative, reasonable and supported can be sustained and upheld. Biasa Art Space, for the most part, displays work of art of dynamic and already unexposed artists.


10. La Laguna Bali

La Laguna Bali in Canggu, around 20 minutes' drive from Seminyak focal, is a tapas bar and restaurant on the separated, northernmost end of Seminyak Beach, which draws a relentless stream of benefactors, especially at sunset time, to its exquisitely ornamented greenhouses and a 30m log connect over a tidal pond that prompts the dull sands surrounding Berawa and Batubelig. The spot is among the few in Bali that shows a tramp and boho-chic vibe, with flower spaces and semi-cobbled ways fixed with idiosyncratic props and bohemian stylistic layout in differentiating shades and themes. These greenery enclosures and the wooden scaffold over a little stream to the shoreline are incredible for important dusk shots.