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Bali is an island in the westernmost part of Lesser Sunda Islands of Indonesia. Bali is located between Java and Lombok. Bali has remained a great tourist destination in Indonesia with great natural attractions. It also offers a perfect climate, peaceful and relaxed atmosphere that will meet all your expectation. Even at that, it boosts “something for everyone” kind of budget, very affordable. For a wonderful honeymoon destination where nature meets splendor, Bali stands out uniquely among other honeymoon destinations.

Bali. Your perfect honeymoon destination. 1

If you are a lover of nature at its best, you will enjoy the tranquility and sweetly atmosphere at Bali Island.

You have options to remain with your darling partner just in your villa or join other amazing tourists cruising together in group tours. The Bali 10 day/8 night Ultimate Bali group tour will make a wonderful experience for your honeymoon experience. You will meet and enjoy the company of other group tourists. If you like to explore, you can learn a few things surfing, snorkeling, and swimming. You are pampered and enjoy a royal-full service.

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Bali is a non-boring experience if you like an adventure. You can join the group tour, which starts at Kuta and gradually takes you and the group to Seminyak where can you enjoy an incredible sunset scene you’ve never seen before, to Canggu, the surfing arena to Ubud before winding up at The Gili Islands. What a great adventure!

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Honeymoon solo Adventure? Yes! You can embark on an adventure with just only your spouse and a Bali guide who would be excited to show you the best of Balinese culture. This will make a perfect and memorable experience. You will have your privacy and be able to record great pictures and videos of your experience during the tour.

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As earlier said, you can enjoy a pocket-friendly budget in all areas. Most villas in Bali are very comfortable, stately furnished and perfect nature-based location. Though prices vary but are sure to find the best offer within your budget line. Actually, there are very luxurious villas in Bali, but there are also quite affordable too.

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Bali shares its own variations in weather conditions, but it is perfectly on the side of suitable weather than any extreme. Bali experiences high rainfall between the end of November and the beginning of February, but the sunshine never seizes during this period. From the month of April to November, you can enjoy the perfect dry period. So, you can visit Bali throughout the year, depending on your choice of time.

A choice of a honeymoon in Bali Island is a perfect choice. With all the enchanting nature, great scenes to behold, great adventure and tours, and an unending treat offered by either the hotels or the villas, Bali will make a great place for a perfect honeymoon.


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