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Exceptional beaches

Exceptional beaches Bali

The beauty of Bali’s beaches lays on the fact that there is a variety of them able to satisfy all interests and needs. What people mainly dream of about Bali is spectacular white sandy beaches with clean emerald waters. These beaches can be found at the south coast of the Island and in locations which showcase an amazing combination of secluded beaches surrounded by imposing cliffs. On the western and northern shores of the island, travelers will enjoy the refreshing waters and the exceptional quality of black sands. That part of the island is known for having some of the most beautiful, unspoiled and secluded coves where visitors can enjoy sunbathing and swimming. In general, beaches in Bali are of exceptional beauty and have multiple lavishing facilities around such as restaurants, beach bars and resorts.


Spectacular temples

Spectacular temples Bali

Among the reasons that drive visitors to return back to Bali is the outstanding variety and number of the ancient Balinese temples. These monuments of great importance and imposing architectural design can be found in almost every part of the island, from the mountains to the seaside areas, making it easy for sightseeing. The temples are great examples of ancient architecture and reflect history as well as the culture of the local people. Usually, they stand majestically surrounded by tropical landscapes and natural wonders. Sightseeing there will offer you some great pictures, and the best time to visit them is during special ceremonies that occur twice a year. The most interesting feature about them is that every single temple has its own unique and special character. Some of them are mysterious and some of them are idyllic, so exploring these temples is a great activity that makes visitors come back to Bali and admire their beauty.



bali gastronomy

Indonesia can be characterized as gastronomic heaven and a “must” destination for the foodies. The thousands of islands and the cultural mixture that make up this country achieved to have an impact on the Indonesian culinary tradition. In what regards Bali, travelers will have the opportunity of enjoying this mouth-watering combination of flavors with some extra touches of Balinese influences. Among the basic characteristics of the Balinese gastronomy are the rich variety of fresh ingredients, spices, exotic fruits and a sophisticated balance between sweet, salty, spicy and sour flavors. In addition, the Balinese gastronomic experience is characterized as ultra-healthy and offers some of the most delicious vegan options. Except for the main courses that visitors are able to enjoy, the local gastronomy also includes some tasty snacks and desserts. These are mainly based on the impressive variety of fresh fruits that the island produces.


Diving paradise

bali diving

When addressing the reasons why visitors keep coming to Bali, one should also take into consideration that Bali is one of the top diving and snorkeling destinations in the world. Around the island, there are multiple diving spots with spectacular and wild beauty. In addition, these spots are of different difficulty levels allowing beginners and professionals to enjoy the most of their scuba diving experience. Balinese underwater world includes some huge and spectacular coral reefs and an impressive variety of fishes and marine life. The waters are hosting some of the most impressive sea species such as sharks, sea turtles, manta rays and multiple tropical and colourful fishes. Moreover, there are diving spots where shipwrecks can be observed allowing visitors to immerse themselves into the beauty of the sea. The increased popularity of scuba dive led to the establishment of many PADI-certified facilities that they offer courses and daily excursions towards some incredible diving spots. It has to be noted though that, during the raining season, visibility can be limited in these spots.


Flawless romance

Flawless romance Bali

Bali forms a pole of attraction for honeymooners and for loving couples of all ages. It is not a coincidence that couples keep on returning to Bali, as the island has a unique and flawless sense of romance like no other. This tropical paradise can offer the perfect getaway for couples wishing to experience an ultra-romantic and idyllic experience. Lavishing resorts are ready to pamper visitors’ needs and create moments not to be missed. Bali is also a top-notch destination for beach weddings as the charming atmosphere and the spectacular sunsets allow for the perfect setting. Couples return to Bali as there are multiple activities that can offer them precious moments and enhance their vacations from exceptional and exclusive dinners under the starlight to private sailing trips, Bali has everything needed for honeymoons and romantic holidays.


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