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Rhodes’ Old City

Rhodes’ Old City

The Island of Rhodes is also known as the Island of the Knights, and travelers can realize it once enter the infamous Old Town. This area is the largest medieval city in Europe, and there is an ample medieval sense throughout able to take visitors on a journey back in time. The area was listed as UNESCO’s World Heritage Site in 1988 in an effort to preserve the architectural style and the charm of the city. Exploring the Old City is a notable experience as travelers stroll around narrow streets and bridges. Within the Old City, there are some interesting buildings to observe, such as medieval churches and museums. In addition, the city has a vibrant character as it hosts some of the Island’s most known bars, cafeterias, restaurants and shops. Rhodes’ Old City is definitely a unique site to explore during your holidays there.



Lindos - Rhodes

On a southeast direction from the Island’s center, the charming and picturesque village of Lindos can be found on the seaside. Lindos can be characterized as one of those postal card sceneries due to its unparalleled beauty and its exceptional flawless charm. Whitewashed houses, narrow streets, turquoise waters and welcoming people are among the village’s main characteristics. On a hilltop that overlooks the sea, visitors are able to visit the Acropolis of Lindos, which is one of the most visited archaeological sites in the country. There, except for the exploration of the area’s history, visitors can enjoy spectacular and panoramic views of the village and of the blue shades of the sea.


Butterfly Valley

Butterfly Valley - Rhodes

The list with the top sights in Rhodes Island also includes the infamous Butterfly Valley, which is one of the most known attractions that the Island has. Located at a distance just a few kilometers away from the capital town, the Butterfly Valley is a unique spot of unique natural beauty. The valley is surrounded by imposing hills full of trees and streamlets. On a particular period, between June and September, the valley is home to colourful and beautiful butterflies which choose the spot for reproductive purposes. Visiting the Butterfly Valley is not only an option for sightseeing, but in fact, is a great option to get away from the crowds and enjoy the serenity of nature. The valley features a restaurant and an interesting gift shop.


Archaeological Museum of Rhodes

Archaeological Museum of Rhodes

Rhodes has a rich history that is better presented in the Island’s museums. One of the top museums that the Island hosts is the Archaeological Museum of Rhodes which presents an incredible collection of items. More precisely, the museum’s collections are divided according to historical periods. The exhibits include objects from the Archaic, the Roman, the Mycenaean and the Hellenistic periods which were discovered in Rhodes and the broader region of the Dodecanese Island. Visiting the museum allows visitors to get engaged with the Island’s history and learn some interesting facts about the ancient Greek civilization.


Rodini Park

Rodini Park - Rhodes

In the middle of the road that leads towards Lindos, there is one of the most impressive, serene and beautiful sights of Rhodes Island. Rodini Park is a place like no other, with an ample sense of tranquillity throughout. An interesting highlight about this spot is that it forms the most ancient park of the world. Within the park, lush vegetation and a variety of trees and flowers lure visitors and invite them to enjoy a truly relaxing time there. Apart from that, the park features charming bridges, water lilies and narrow paths.


Seven Springs

Seven Springs - Rhodes

For travelers wishing to explore the mountainous sites of Rhodes Island and the nearby villages, an excursion to Seven Springs is one of the top options. This spot of indescribable natural beauty can be found 30km away from Rhodes’ capital town. In fact, the area features seven springs that are connected together and create a lake. Within the lake, there are ducks, peacocks and geese. The place is the best option to relax, observe great views over the mountains and enjoy a refreshing drink or a tasty meal in the nearby restaurant while being surrounded by the beauty of nature.


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