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Santorini for the view hunters

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Travelers who wish to enjoy holidays in a Greek Island that offers unlimited spectacular views then Santorini is the right Island. According to the historical findings, a volcano erupted in 1600BC and then a part of it collapsed into the sea. What was left from that eruption is what now the world calls Santorini. This volcano is responsible for the sharp cliffs that Santorini has from where visitors are able to view one of the most extraordinary sunsets in the world. Whitewashed houses and blue churches complete this exceptional scenery, while the deep blue colour of the sea is one of the Island’s characteristic features. Watching the sun diving into the blue colour of the sea fills visitors with spectacular emotions and is a truly unique experience. It has to be noted that Santorini offers breath-taking views from almost every spot on the Island and it is not a coincidence that forms one of the most photographed Islands in Greece.


Paros for water sports


Interested in visiting an Island that attracts Hollywood stars and is just perfect for water sports? Paros is probably what you are looking for! The Island of Paros can be characterized as an excellent destination for those who seek luxury, privacy and a touch of adrenaline. Due to the winds that flow through the Island during the summer months, the Island has the most suitable conditions for kiteboarding and windsurfing. This particular wind provides also the ideal breeze for those who wish to just relax and enjoy the beach. A lavish, picturesque landscape with the necessary doses of luxury and cosmopolitan atmosphere is what you should expect during your holidays there.


Milos for beach lovers


Holidays in a Greek Island is mainly about enjoying the irresistible combination of sea and sun. While spectacular beaches can be found even in the smallest non-inhabited island of Greece, there are some Islands that showcase a peculiar coastal line with magnificent beaches. Among the most notable examples is Milos Island which is surely a must-visit destination for the beach lovers.

The Island has an impressive number of 80 beaches, with the great majority being accessible only via the sea. The abovementioned makes the Island an ideal destination for those traveling with a yacht and for those who wish to enjoy the serenity of the landscape away from the crowds. Milos has also one of the most known and most photographed beaches in the world, Sarakiniko Beach. The beach features crystal clear waters and is surrounded by massive whitewashed rocks which make the beach truly spectacular due to its wild beauty.


Ikaria for the nature lovers


The Island of Ikaria has deep-rooted mythology as it took its name from Icarus, the son of Daedalus. Icarus fled from the Island of Crete with wings that were made out of candle. He got close to the sun and his wings melted resulting in his death just close to Ikaria. This Island is worldwide known for the easy-going lifestyle of its inhabitants, which makes them live more years than the rest of Greece.

Ikaria covers a total area of 99 square miles and is the perfect Island for those who claim to be nature lovers. Mountains, rivers, lakes and forests are among the main characteristics of this Island. Travelers can enjoy hiking while admiring the beauty and the serenity of the natural environment that Ikaria has to offer. An interesting highlight is that hiking in the specially designed paths is the most exciting way to discover the villages of the Island. Moreover, the Island is known for its thermal springs which are known for the highest concentration of therapeutic radon in Greece. Relaxation, rejuvenation and many spectacular landscapes are what Ikaria offers to its visitors.


Crete for the foodies


Crete is one of the Greek Islands that are known around the world for a plethora of reasons. The Island forms the perfect year-round destination at it perfectly combines everything. From high mountains, incredible beaches, spectacular gorges and rich history, Crete is an Island like no other. Crete is also known around the world for its deep culinary tradition which forms the greatest example of a healthy and perfectly balanced diet.

The fertile soil of Crete is responsible for the enormous amount of production and industrial farming. Vegetables, fruits, cheese, wine and of course olive oil are among the main products of Cretans. Therefore, there is no possible way that Crete would not be characterized as a gastronomic destination. From gourmet restaurants to traditional tavernas, the Cretan recipes invite visitors into an irresistible and mouth-watering gastronomic journey. This outstanding tasty experience is completed with the variety of luxury resorts that the Island has and which ensure pleasurable, exclusive and enjoyable holidays.


Folegandros for romance


Folegandros is an Island that belongs to the Cyclades Island complex and recently started to gain increased popularity. The Island showcases an interesting combination of mountains without trees, allowing this way the houses to be constructed right on the cliff tops. Folegandros is known as a destination for those who wish to get away from the crowds and enjoy the sea and the sun. This flawless sense of isolation is often a preferable option for couples who wish to experience romantic holidays. The Islanders use donkeys as their primary mean of transportation and the Island preserves its traditional and authentic character for years. An interesting highlight is that many European writers and painters come to Folegandros in order to enjoy the silence and get inspired by the beauty of the scenery.