Well. It’s true. Those villas really are dotted throughout Italy and they are available for rent. Some of them cost a small fortune, some of them are affordable, and honestly, all of them are fabulous. A villa in a small Italian village, close to a local bakery, a few shops and bars, perhaps with a swimming pool or a river nearby, is ideal.

If you are travelling alone, a villa in Italy may be tricky to arrange. If you are just two people, you can hire a small villa, or get a room in a villa. If you are a family or a group of friends, rent the villa that suits your party and your budget, and have one of the best holidays of your life.

Villas in Italy are all different. You can get medieval castles or stunning palazzos. You can get villas in Tuscany up in the hills, you can find a villa in Rome, Florence or Venice, you can rent one along the Amalfi coast overlooking the ocean, or you can find one in Naples. They are dotted all around Rome and usually come fully equipped with a helper or butler too.

You do need to choose when you want a hotel or guest-house and when you want a villa. If you are going to be in a big city, say Rome or Florence, just for two nights each, then a hotel will probably suit you better. But if you are staying a while, to really relax and have a magical and peaceful holiday, a villa is ideal.

The idea is to rent a villa somewhere in Italy, use it as a base, and then explore from the villa. You can do lovely bike rides or walks into the local town, and then go further afield on proper sightseeing excursions, on a daily basis. Villas in Tuscany are hugely popular, mostly because they are magnificent, also because it is then easy to travel around and see the Italian highlights. A villa on Lake Como is also ideal for a family or friend group - the scenery is to die for, and so is the food and the shopping. Never mind the lake.

Italy is a magical country. It’s also a fairly small country and it is safe and easy to get around. We like the idea of exploring the big cities and staying in small hotels or similar, and then heading out to a remote area, hiring a villa, and having a fantastic European holiday.

Italian villas are usually beautifully equipped too. If you like the idea of walking to the local market every day, choosing produce, coming home and cooking a meal, or setting out cheese, olives and freshly baked bread, Italy is perfect. If you like the idea of lots of people sitting around a long table, under the Tuscan sun, or even under the olive trees, Italy is perfect. If you like ancient architecture, amazing people, delicious wine and long sunny days - what are you waiting for.

Italy in summer is divine. It’s pretty cool in the other seasons too. You can travel Italy in an upmarket and luxurious way, and not break the bank. Look at the Italian villas on offer. And have a fabulously luxurious holiday.