Let’s take a look at some of the top adventure things to do when in Bali!


1. Go biking all around rice fields

You can go for a biking trip when at Ubud and enjoy the scenic beauty of the place along the way. A major part of the track is downhill and may include a breakfast before you get started with your group. It may also involve a visit to a coffee farm along the way.


2. Bali Butterfly Park

When at the Bali Butterfly Park, you’d get a chance to see butterflies being born. The park offers fine surroundings for animals and also has a nursery where new butterflies hatch every day. It is a fine refuge for botany lovers and lets them see some nice insects, like large walking sticks and leaf insects.


3. Going for a stroll in Tegalalang rice fields

Rice paddies of Bali are undoubtedly its most charming feature. Choosing to put up in Ubud for your stay will enable easy access to terraced fields. Tegalalang and Jatiluwih fields are roundabout in the same location. While Tegalalang fields are spread over an entire mountain from the peak to the foothills, Jatiluwih fields are a UNESCO heritage site and a must visit spot.


4. Visit the Balinese temples

Bali is home to nearly 20,000 beautiful temples and tourist must make it a point to visit a few of them. The temple of Tamam Ayun is a UNESCO site. You can visit some of the temples in a single outing, but a visit to a few more may call for some planning in advance.


5. Attend a yoga retreat

When at Ubud, it is a fine idea to attend a yoga retreat and experience rejuvenation of the refreshing experience. A few of the retreats are outdoors, in plush natural surroundings wherein you’d come across sounds of waterfalls while practicing the poses.


6. A fine spot for learning how to surf

Bali is considered as a top surfing destination in the world. May to September is often the top season for surfing, and the destination is nice, warm and sunny through the year, with offshore winds and perfect waves.


7. Climbing Mount Batur at sunrise

For the ones truly passionate about adventure, climbing Mount Batur at sunrise will be among the top selections. It is fine to start the hike at night and reach a peak in just about the time to catch the sunrise. The view from right above the clouds is breathtaking.


8. Health food

A trip to Bali gives a visitor a fine chance to try out an entire range of new dishes and ethnic cuisines. A vast majority of the same are vegan or vegetarian food served at micro biotic restaurants. The fine food by itself makes the visit to Ubud worthwhile.


9. Sunset spots

Bali has a number of fine sunset points, such as the Tanah Lot which also has a temple at the sea. Hundreds of people often gather at the lawns to view the sunset at the point, and it is a mystical feeling.


10. River Rafting

River rafting has its own unique charm in Bali, and the sights and sounds are mesmerizing as one catches a glimpse of the jungle in all its beauty. High gorges and beautiful rice terraces add to the experience.


11. Snorkeling

Bali is a fine avenue for snorkeling and swimming and has a number of beaches covered with white or black sands, and a few formed by corals and lava as well. They are fine spots for tourists fond of water sports.


12. Outdoor adventure

Outdoor adventure makes a fine means of recreation in Bali, and the options available include beach rides on ATVs, elephant trekking and tubing.


13. Day cruising

Day cruising in Bali gives options for spending half, or a full day at a sea voyage. The cruises are carried out Catamarans and sailing boats that take you to destinations like a secret bay in Nusa Penida. The choices include romantic sunset cruises for couples.


14. Kite surfing

Kite surfing is a unique adventure that delights tourists endlessly and involves surfing over the sea while holding a huge kite that gives direction to the surfboard. May to October is often the peak season for surfing in Bali.


15. Paragliding

Paragliding offers a chance to get a bird’s eye view of the beautiful island of Bali, and there are many spots at the island for fine paragliding such as the Timbis beach at Bukit peninsula. It is always a fine idea to start off the paragliding adventure with an instructor.