Finest of the surf spots in Bali are towards its southern coast and across the Bukit peninsula. They make nice spots for seasoned surfers who know the nuances of the sport and have higher curls than a regular surfing destination.

However, if you are new to surfing, the sand breaks of Legian and Kuta make a fine choice for you. A few of the surfing spots, such as Padang frequently hosts surfing championships for pros and feature consistent barrels. Similarly, Uluwatu makes a cool surfing destination for the location and has a towering temple in the background along with a non-stop influx of large swells.

Here is a list of top surfing spots in Bali wherein you can learn to surf, and enjoy surfing as a hobbyist or an expert, in company of fine surfers from all around the world.


1. Uluwatu

Uluwatu Bali

Uluwatu stays as one of the top surfing destinations in Bali. It is loved for its top waves and a location abundant with scenic beauty. When riding a huge wave at Uluwatu, you can also see a beautiful Hindu temple and a cliff face at the location. Referring to the local know-how on tide directions helps ease the sport, and little bit of information can be obtained from tide charts as well. It is best to bring along your favourite surfboard and reef booties for surfing at Uluwatu. Surfing spot of Suluban is also in close vicinity to Uluwatu.


2. Suluban

Suluban Bali

Suluban is secluded as compared to Uluwatu and has hence known by the name Blue Point. It is unique and has its distinctive appeal. The attractions include a narrow strip of beach wherein tourists relax in the sun. The spot is also adored for the distinctive path which leads to it, through steep staircases and openings that are rocky. The narrow path with long steps of the staircase first leads to a cave, and then to the sands. In Balinese, Suluban refers to crouching under. For surfing, an adventurer gets to have strong swells with consistent barrels at Suluban. The shacks at the cliff top are useful for overlooking the surfers and also offer a nice view of the horizon.


3. Padang

Padang Bali

Padang comes across as a preferred surfing spot due to its barrels that are consistent. A hollow rocky entrance opens up to a beach, long, shiny and white. Among the international surfing competitions that frequently take place at Padang are the Rip Curl Cup. On an average, the waves are four feet above the surface of the water. Weekends frequently stay crowded at the destination.


4. Impossibles

Impossibles Bali

Impossibles is a surfing spot that lies between Bingin and Padang. The destination has a long reef, and inspires seasoned surfers to go ahead and challenge the waves.

Impossibles has three zones for takeoff. One of them is at Padang, while the other two are in the midsection of the beach. On an average, the waves stay two to five feet above the surface of the water. The beach is beautiful and the sights make up for the challenging experience of surfing at the Impossibles.


5. Bingin

Bingin Bali

Bingin lies towards the north of Uluwatu and is a few minutes’ drives. The waves over here are smaller as compared to Uluwatu and while the barrels are consistent, they are slightly shorter. If you happen to catch a good wave, surfing at Bingin becomes a joy. The place is often more crowded than Uluwatu. Tide charts can give a nice idea about catching a nice wave at Bingin, and you can also ask the surfers who know the area well.


6. Balangan

Balangan Bali

Balangan comes across as a unique and exquisitely beautiful surfer’s spot, and is a must visit selection on the itinerary when on a trip to Bali. It is characterized by a long stretch of white sand which stretches a kilometer, while the rocks are covered with green seaweed. The southern swells range from anywhere between four to six feet at the peak. Accessibility to the destination has enhanced over the years, making it more of a tourist destination than ever before.


7. Green Bowl

Green Bowl Bali

Reaching the Green Bowl is an adventure by itself. It is located at the extreme southern tip of the island and is right next to the Bali Cliff resort. The destination is seldom crowded and offers some nice avenues for hiking. Tourists take a few hundred steps down a cliff to get to the beach. Strong southern ocean currents make surfing at the beach a joy. At the Green Bowl, surfing is easier for more experienced surfers.