Also known as the “balcony to the Aegean”, Imerovigli is located on the north site of Santorini, just 3Km away from the capital, Fira. People characterize Imerovigli as a balcony due to its position, approximately 300 meters above the sea level, and right on the highest point of a caldera cliff. This village is probably on of the most unreal locations in Santorini that offer one of kind spectacular views over the blue-colored Aegean Sea, the infamous volcano of Santorini and of course over the sunset.


Facts about Imerovigli

There is no way that a person in Santorini will not visit Imerovigli. The village is accessible through the main road that leads towards the village of Oia. Imerovigli is located on the highest point of the caldera, just after Fira and Firostefani.

An interesting highlight is that the village was named after the pirates that were operating in the area during the ancient times. The word Imerovigli is a composition of two other words, “Imera” and “Vigla”. The former can be translated as day, while the later derives from the Latin word viglare which means to guard or to take care of the area. Therefore, Imerovigli broadly speaking means to guard the day and is a reference to its height serving as a viewing platform over the sea.

Imerovigli has a long history as it is situated in a short distance from the ancient Skaros Fortress. The area includes also many other cultural and religious attractions where visitors can explore the history and unfold the traditions of the Island. Of course, the key position of the village, on the central and highest point of the caldera, played an important role throughout history.


Traditional Architecture

Imerovigli is an official and registered traditional settlement, which means that houses and various buildings should follow a specific architectural style, which is among the characteristic feature of Santorini. It has to be noted that, due to a volcano eruption that took place in 1956, Immerovigli suffered extensive damages. The area undergone through a reconstruction process and the results are spectacular.

The village hosts some of the most amazing houses in Santorini. White washed cave houses, charming shops and impressively elegant hotels are some of the most spectacular architectural features of the area. Narrow streets full of flowers and terraces that serve as viewing platforms over the majestic views are the elements completing this fairy tale-like picture. Imerovigli is a location that captures the attention of visitors since the very first moments, as it looks like a well-executed drawing. Minimalism, elegance and style can be found at their maximum level in Imerovigli.


Skaros Rock

Skaros Santorini

Imerovigli hosts one of the most important attractions in Santoriri. The infamous Skaros Rock is located towards the sea side and was forming the most important fortress of Santorini Island during antiquity. The location was called “Kastro” back then and can be translated as castle. During the medieval period, Skaros used to be inhabited due to the protection that was offering in the area.

In total, the Island has five fortresses. However, Skaros was the most critical location as back then it was used as an observation point that was protecting the Island from possible pirates’ invasions. An interesting fact is that Skaros used to be the capital Village of Santorini Island up until the 18th century. That was the century when the last inhabitants abandoned the settlement.

Nowadays, visitors can observe and admire the remaining of the rock as it was massively destroyed after an earthquake that took place in 1817. Except from its historical importance, Skaros Rock is ideal for those who seek to exercise hiking. In addition, visitors can observe beautiful views over the Aegean Sea.



Santorini churches

Imerovigli showcases an important religious character as well, as it hosts a number of small chapels and churches. The two most significant churches of the area can be found at the edge of the cliff just in front of the infamous Skaros Rock. Visitors can enjoy breath0taking views over the Rock and over the Aegean Sea. Imerovigli hosts also a female monastery, the one of Saint Nikolaos. Visitors can find inside the monastery, the folklore and the ecclesiastical museum.


Flawless romance

For the visitors who seek to experience a boost of romance, then Imerovigli is the ideal option. The panoramic and majestic views over the sunset are able to take every visitor’s breath away. The narrow streets are forming an idyllic setting for romantic walks, while the charming houses are perfectly combined with the natural setting. Imerovigli is definitely the place for a mouth-watering culinary experience or for refreshing cocktails on a terrace during the sunset. The colors of the sky are impressive as the red sun dives into the blue sea. Elegance and unreal romance can be the two phrases that best characterize the village of Imerovigli.