During planning stage

Even though Portugal is a year-round destination, the great majority of people choose to visit the country during the pick of the summer season which is from July to August. For those who are really interested in getting around the country and have a pleasurable experience, a good tip is to avoid these months. In Portugal, visitors can enjoy sunshine during spring and fall and these seasons are perfect for swimming and sunbathing. Therefore, a good advice will be to book during these seasons in order to avoid the crowds.

During the planning stage of the trip and if planning to visit several regions of the country, travellers are advised to check the distances as this can be a time-saving procedure. There are several connection options such as buses, trains, airplanes and luxury private transfers that can meet every traveller’s expectations and needs.


Cash vs. Cards

Local currency is Euro and for those who arrive in the country without the local currency, there are exchange offices and ATMs in of the main entrance points which can provide the necessary amount of money. In what regards the debate between cash and cards, every country follows its own norm. More precisely, in Portugal cards are generally accepted. However, travellers should be aware that there are places where only cash are accepted. It has to be noted that card transaction are probably including a fee. Therefore, travellers are advice to always have a certain amount to cash and to check the card’s fee for any given transaction. In what regards the cash bills, it is easier to pay with small bills. Anything bigger that 50 Euro, will be accepted with difficulty, if not rejected immediately.



Depending on the preferred travel season, the general rule for what to pack is that light clothes are a must. On winter, visitors may pack light long sleeve clothes. During summer time there is no need for such. What visitors need are light, short sleeve clothes that are made of a light, delicate and natural fabric. Sunglasses, sun cream, a hat and sandals should be also included in the luggage, not to mention swimsuit! For those who are interested in sightseeing, a pair of comfortable shoes is a must.


Portuguese 101

Portuguese people are fluent in English and in most commonly spoken European languages as well. Therefore, visitors will face no challenge in communicating when in restaurants, shops or during sightseeing. However, the simplest way to attract a local’s attention and appreciation and stand out of the tourist crowd is to learn few basic Portuguese words such as hello and thank you.



As in every other destination, there are special rules and practices followed by restaurants. In what regards Portugal, the common practice is that customers of a restaurant are served with a specific set of starters once sited. These include bread, olives, cheese and cold meet. It is important to mention that these are not included in the price. In case, the customer does not want them, then he/she can politely ask the waiters to remove them from the table. In this case, there is no extra charge.

Travellers who wish to enjoy a meal at a fish restaurant they are often able to observe the fresh fishes of the day in a specially designed display which is full of ice. In turn, the customer chooses the preferred fish and the chef is preparing the meal according to the needs and tastes of the client. An important tip that travellers need to know is that in such case, it is difficult to estimate the price. Therefore, a good advice is to ask the waiter to estimate the fish’s final price. Waiters in Portugal are extremely polite and in case a client needs some recommendations about the restaurant’s specialties or the traditional dishes they are willing to assist with no hesitation.


Sightseeing and more!

In what regards sightseeing and museum visits, travellers should acknowledge that the great majority of them are closed during Mondays. In addition, museums and other places of interest where an admission is applicable, offer free or discounted entrance fee on Sundays. Especially during the summer period, there are several events, festivals, concerts and other type of happenings that visitors can attend. Such events can be a great opportunity for visitors to get engaged with the Portuguese culture, history and life style. Every major city and in the majority of villages, visitors can enjoy a unique experience in such events.

Football is extremely popular in Portugal. Visitors who are interested in attending a football match are advised to check ticket’s availability on advance. This is because the sport and Portuguese teams are popular around the world and sometimes the matches are sold out. Attending such game will be an exciting, fun and unique experience.