Santorini is one of the most iconic and easily recognized islands in all of Greece. It has the reputation for dazzling panoramas, the white cliffside buildings, brilliant blue domes, romantic sunsets and volcanic-sand beaches. It’s hardly surprising the island features on so many travellers’ bucket lists and all of this creates a picture-perfect paradise!

While it is difficult to find a “bad” photo spot in Santorini, there are some locations that stand above the rest.

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If you write the word “Santorini” on social networks, the most common results are photos on rooftops of houses framed by blue domes churches. There are lots of perfect rooftops, but not all of them are easily accessible. In fact the most famous is located beyond a private road, so our advice is to ask permission to take pictures, because if a local person surprises you, you may incur heavy fines. It is easy to find it because outside the gate you will find a queue of people who want to take pictures in the most unstable place in Santorini.

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Another corner of Oia that you have surely seen so many times is the one where the predominant color is orange. This is definitely our favorite, because it is easy to find and accessible to anyone, as it is a small road that is located right next to the vantage point of Oia.

To take pictures here arm yourself with patience, because to get the perfect shot you’ll have to wait for no one to pass by. This place is absolutely part of the top instagrammable spots of Santorini!

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The most magical and unique place is certainly the viewpoint over Oia. It offers a panoramic view of the village that is magnificent even during the day but from sunset until the evening shows an almost magical atmosphere of Santorini, which is why it enters to the top instagrammable spots. The best point is in the lower terrace. Very easy to find : just follow the people. Our advice is to reach what for you may be the perfect point, 10 or 20 minutes before sunset, in order to get the best view of Oia. Bring a scarf with you, or if you go in low season a vest, because there is a lot of wind.

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The stunning Blue Domed Greek Orthodox church is one of the most iconic and photographed churches in the world. It is worth taking a few moments here to sit and enjoy the amazing views of the Caldera with these beautiful Blue Domes in front of you.

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The sunset in Santorini is considered one of the most famous sunsets worldwide and people from all over the world visit Santorini in order to photograph it and, most of all, to cherish it. It is such an iconic, bucket-list-type experience that this magical hour of the day makes everything look even more beautiful and idyllic. The best place to sit and enjoy the sunset is from the Oia Castle. From here you can gaze the most scenic settlement unfolding with a backdrop of impressive volcano across the sparkling Aegean Sea and the dreamy horizon.

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Santorini is one of the great natural wonders of the world, and one of the wonders of Santorini is without a doubt. The Skaros Rock. Scenic view of Agios Georgios church with Skaros rock in background is the most dramatic place you have ever been to!

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Part of what makes Santorini so unique is that it has red sand, black sand, and white sand beaches. Probably you have seen white sand beaches in Maldives, black sand beaches in Italy, but before Santorini, you had never seen a red sand beach! Akrotiri is home to Santorini’s famous red-sand beach. The contrast of the blue water with the reddish-brown and cliffside is truly stunning!

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Bougainvilleas. This pretty flower is everywhere you go in Santorini. The most photogenic one hangs near at one of the most luxurious parts of Oia, at the Passage Bites & Drinks.

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The town of Akrotiri is a short drive from Persia Beach. There is a museum of the ancient town that is amazingly well preserved. The town was covered in a volcanic eruption in 1627 BC! After visiting the museum, head towards the water to find a small cluster of restaurants that edge right up to the water!

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Santorini Volcano: Santorini is gifted with a unique natural beauty and a wild scenery created by the volcanic eruptions. As it is extremely famous for the beautiful caldera, the island is also known for the two small islands of black lava positioned at the centre of the basin of Santorini which are, geographically, the youngest islets in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Nea Kameni especially, is a pole of attraction and photoshooting for tourists for its healing hot springs. The yellow waters there contain a large amount of sulfur and are characterized for their therapeutic purposes. Today, Agios Nikolaos which is the small cove in Nea Kameni islet is a true health source