The sunset in Santorini is one of the biggest draws in the evening to the cliff top town of Oia. Most of the tourists prefer to see the stunning sunset from the restaurants that face out across the Caldera and of course of the balconies at the hotels will be full of people either looking for that perfect romantic moment to propose or to take a photo to remember the island by.

So, do you want our proposal about the amazing places for watching the sunset? Let’s see what we have!


Sunset at Oia

You know about the amazing sunset at Oia. This super white village is a wonderful place to go for watching the Caldera and of course the sunset. During the holiday and summer times the narrow streets of Oia are crowed of visitors who want to see the sunset. Also, many tourists from the cruise ships often walk at the village in large groups. That’s why the traveling suggestion is to book a seat at a restaurant or at a cafe to watch the sunset from there. One small tip which is perfect for this time: Go to see the sunset from the Kastro walls. You can stay and drink something at the bars on the terraces where surely you can enjoy the view.


Skaros Rock

It is not so easy to go to watch the sunset from the Skaros Rock because of the crowds but, honestly, there’s nothing quite like when the deep reds take over the sky and silhouette the medieval fortress situated at the top. Also, you should know that you need to prepare yourself for the hike up to Skaros Rock.



Many songs are written for this extraordinary village! Take a look at youtube to understand for what everyone is talking about! Imerovigli is the most picturesque village on the Caldera but many people don’t go there only for the sunset. Many bars and restaurants take place there, of course with an amazing view. If you aren’t able to watch the sunset from Imerovigli because of the crowd, head to Skaros, a Venetian castle conveniently located for splendid views high above any obstructions. It isn’t so known place to be but, trully, is definitely a must-see!


Akrotiri lighthouse

If you want to see something different, then, go to the other side of the island, to the Akrotiri lighthouse! There, you will find the truly meaning of the life! It is like the sun makes a sound when it goes down, into the sea! Amazing!


Sunset cruise

A wonderful thing is spending an evening on a boat cruise around Santorini. There are plenty of sailing operators that are highly rated but we suggest you the Barbarossa Sailing. With them, you will love your day of swimming in volcanoes, snorkeling in clear waters, eating a homemade meal and of course cruising around the amazing island of the Aegean Sea! For reservations, you should do it a week in advance.



When you see the sunset from Fira, you will fall in love with everything. Romantic music from the restaurants and bars behind you, magnificent orange or pink color in the sky, the skyline with clouds and colors… This is gorgeous! The suggestion is staying at one restaurant or cafe to see the sunset and of course to drink a glass of wine. Unforgettable moments that will stay forever in your mind…


Santo Winery

You are lucky if you are there! The great terrace from which you can admire the sunset without getting thirsty. At Santo Winery you can drink your wine paired with a plate of delicious cheeses from the island of Santorini. If you want to go to the Santo Winery, you should book a table at least 1 week before.

As you understand, you should do some things before the totally amazing sunset, which are:

  1. Check sunset times and plan accordingly.
  2. Book early.
  3. Ask for a first line table.
  4. Confirm your reservation two days in advance.
  5. Arrive on time.

We can’t wait to see your pictures and hear your experience at the island of Love and Gods!