If you want to chill and relax, you can try to drink or eat at the atmospheric bars or if you are a “party animal” you can dance all night long at the majestic clubs that invite you into an endless party.

Both bars and club and of course restaurants, promise you unforgettable moments. You are also able to find some open air hidden spots in the alleys of the Old Town, as Chania city offers a wide array of entertainment for all tastes!

In order to facilitate your time in Chania, we have gathered a few suggestions, and must - sees, to experience the city’s nightlife at its zenith!


Kibar - The Monastery of Karolos in Chania

Probably, you will visit the historic building “Monastery of Karolos”. A monastery of the 16th century has become a multicenter, art cafe, bar, concert hall, exhibition area and a hair salon. Inside it, you will find the Kibar Cafe Bar which is open all day and is by far one of the best choices for coffee, drinks or wine! The minimal decoration inside Kibar and also the sophisticated music, makes Kibar Cafe the top choice of your Cretan adventures!

Address & telephone number: Chatzimichali Daliani 22, Chania, Crete, Greece, +30 697 455 6106


Pallas restaurant cafe bar in Chania

Every traveler, loves visiting Pallas Cafe, Bar & Restaurant. The reason is so simple! The neoclassical building of 1830 will welcome you heartily all day long for coffee, finger food, drinks, but after the sun reign, modern Mediterranean cuisine is there with amazing seafood! You are able to select between amazing dishes like grouper fillet in pouch with Papardelle vegetables! The “clue” of Pallas Cafe is the chocolate shuffle with cherry liqueur and ice cream! Sinful disk, isn’t it?

Address & Telephone number : Akti Tompazi 15, Chania, Crete, Greece, +2821 045688


Miniatoura bar in Chania

First stop is Miniatoura! Miniatoura is a tiny cafe bar in Chania on the amazing square of Agia Aikaterini. There, you can taste your special coffee, eat amazing snacks or try the full meals like burger, salads, club sandwiches or maze dishes. If you want to drink something special, then, take a look at its rich wine menu with more than 100 labels, including some amazing local wines. The music is always in “slow” beats, like alternative sounds, and of course, you are able to discuss with your friends or doing your work at your laptop! Sometimes, in Miniatoura, you can find some special cultural events if you are lucky! Just, try it!

Address & telephone number: Miniatoura 4 Chantzimichali Dialiani Street, Chania, Greece, +30 697 952 6340


Tertipi Ouzo & Tsipouro Restaurant in Chania

Have you ever heard about Greek “tsipouradika”? If you do but you didn’t have an experience before, then try the Tertipi tsipouradiko in Chania which is located in a small narrow street of the city away from the noise of the touristy Chania. Tertipi is a cozy place which is decorated in great taste and also offers an interesting exploration of the Cretan cuisine and lifestyle! Tertipi serves a wide range of drinks that include the local tsipouro or the Cretan, known as “tsikoudia” which is accompanied with free large maze dishes.

Address & telephone number: Tertipi, 19 Sifaka Street, Chania, Greece, +30 2821302903


Koukouvaya in Chania

The word “Owl”, in greek means Koukouvaya and that’s exactly the place that you really want to go! Koukouvaya cafe bar is located on the hill of Prophet Elias in the Venizelos Graves region which is just 5 minutes by car from the city center. At Koukouvaya, you will see a panoramic view of Chania like the Venetian Harbour and the White Mountains. If you are a romantic soul or you just want to admire the sunset of Crete with a fluffy Chocolate cake dipped in rich hot chocolate yogurt garnished with whipped cream, Koukouvaya is the right place to be! For sure you will want to go there again and again!

Address & telephone number: Alexi Minoti, Venizelos Graves, Chania, Crete, Greece +30 2821 027449


Colombo Kitchen Bar in Chania

If you want to chill and hear jazz sounds from another era, then, you really want to visit Colombo Kitchen & Bar. This wonderful and picturesque place is located at the old port street of Chania and serves exceptional dishes and drinks. Sometimes, Colombo hosts artistic and cultural events, including concerts and international poetry evenings.

Address & telephone number: Colombo Kitchen and Bar, 17-19 Eisodion Street, Chania, Greece, +30 2821 044310


Wherever you will go for your drinks, it is totally sire that you will have an amazing experience because of the very hospitable people of the Island of Crete. So, that’s why be open minded, smiley and feel the magic aura of the amazing city of Chania!