The magic of Maldives

Unlike many of the shorelines and tropical paradises with a similar approach to island living, those bungalows stemming from pristine and translucent waters; the Maldives has still managed to retain its untouched innocence. Courtesy of the internet; you will see gorgeous pictures of travelers enjoying their vacation - there are only so many times you can take pictures of yourself looking at the ocean from inside your perfectly temperature controlled pool. If you are looking for an altogether more inspired experience in the Maldives, we have you covered.

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It took a lot of searching and enquiring, after all there are about 1200 Islands, 200 of which are uninhabited and half of the remaining inhabited islands consist of hotels and resorts. That is a whopping 600 hundred potential places to stay. Finding Amilla Fushi was nothing short of was serendipitous. The recommendation was described as being that glamorous stay at the One&Only with a fraction as many people. Amilla Fushi is the home away from home that everyone has been looking for; because that’s exactly what Amilla Fushi means; Island Home. If you are a person who loves routine and finds that holidays upend my sense of balance, you will be thrilled when you look at their website and find the boasted exclusive collection of beach residences, villas and an estate (not to mention that every Villas has its own Beach “Rolls” a buggy that you can zoom around in to head to the spa and the restaurants in the village. It’s intriguing, how could a tiny little island offer so much?

Until you have the opportunity to experience the Maldives yourself, you may think that the incredible pictures online were the creative work of an overzealous social media manager. Arm yourself with sunscreen and some water, when you land you will be immediately greeted by the warm humid air in a small and crowded airport. The climate change can be surprising and may take a little bit to adjust so make sure you have some light clothing packed and ready to wear.



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November and December are the magical months. The weather is what you would expect of the tropics and no sign of rain.

If possible get in on a flight that arrives when it is light enough to see the many islands that lay strewn in the path of plane as it descends and of course, so you can take pictures of it.

When : For the social butterfly November through March are the best times to satiate your love of group activities and mingling at sundowners, you can expect many sun-starved Europeans also in the Maldives on holiday, so it is a great time of the year if you are more of an outgoing traveler.

For the more introverted amongst us; off-peak season April through October are best - however, the weather is milder with the occasional week of rain in between. It is quieter in the Maldives around this time of year, flights and accommodation tend to be more generously priced.

Where and how to get there : Depending on how far away your resort or island of choice is; you can expect to shuttle from the airport either by speedboat, dhoni (for those of you vacationing on residential islands) or seaplane.

How: For guests of Amilla Great Beach Villa Residence, which is located 15 minutes away by seaplane from Velana Airport is the most efficient, however - do take note that seaplanes only travel by daylight - the next best option is to charter a private yacht, not as efficient but highly experiential and will secure your bragging rights at many parties to come.


Perfect Guest Experience

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Upon arrival, you are greeted by your Katheeb {housemaster} who will attend to even your minutest need through the entirety of your stay, Butlers and household staff are the glue that holds the perfect guest experience together in the Maldives, so I would recommend that you take full advantage of their expertise and insights.

Surrender to the overwhelming desire to nap in the afternoons in the shade, with all these amazing facilities you may be tempted to stay hidden, tucked away luxuriously in your villa but the Maldives hosts a variety of to do and things to see. Why not, take a snorkeling excursion so you can swim with the Manta. However, no one would blame you if you grabbed some freshly squeezed juice and set up camp on a sun bed all day.

With the furnishings and finishes of a luxury villa in Malibu, you can expect the creature comforts of home albeit Maldivian style. Each Villa boasts between 6 to 8 bedrooms with a fully equipped kitchen and dining facilities, an infinity pool and parasols, and staff to clean your villa as well as the pool.

On request you may have the services of a private chef, a personal trainer, housekeepers, babysitter, hairdresser and all the comforts of home. Your home island has all the accoutrements of a luxurious Bread and Board Hotel with the privacy of self catering unit. Maldives have the luxury you deserve, and all there is to experience is as glimmering and multifaceted that you be inspired.