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There are some basic facts you need to know about Rhodes before going to Rhodes.




All beaches in Rhodes are uniquely beautiful and have crystal clear waters. The most popular beaches include Tsambika, Saint Paul's bay, Agathi, Kallithea, Ladiko, Elli, Prassonisi, and others.



You can be sure of your safety in Rhodes. It is often adjudged as one of the safest places in Greece. You can safely walk around almost at any time, day or night without any issue.



While Greek is the official native language of the people of Rhodes Town, English is however used because of high interactions between the locals and tourists. You can imagine that German is also spoken by a few locals.


What is Rhodes known for?

Rhodes is known as the island of the Knights. It is known for the Colossus of Rhodes, which is one of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World.


What To Do In Rhodes Town

What To Do In Rhodes Town

Rhodes is a destination with limitless spots to visit, it offers a full package of a holiday destination with high numbers of beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters, the historical and archeological museums, great first-class hotels and restaurants, and medieval places of interest; Rhodes Town remains a must-visit destination in Greece.


Rhodes Old Town

The Old Town was designated in 1988 as a World Heritage City by UNESCO. Also, other historical places you can visit in the old town include such places as:

  • Palace of the Grand Masters

Palace of the Grand Masters

The Palace was built on an older Byzantine citadel and constructed by the Knights of St. John which was a Catholic military order that ruled the island from 1309 to 1522. It was later reconstructed in the 1930s by the Italians for King Emmanuel III as a holiday home. It is with towers and pebble mosaic floors, antiques, and over 150 rooms out of which only 20 are made accessible to tourists.

  • The Old Town walls

The walls were built as defensive fortresses against invading enemies during the Byzantine period only to be extended and reinforced by the knights in the later centuries to pose a greater defense. The wall is 4 km in length and about 12 meters in thickness. You cannot miss the imposing towers, the bastions, the strong gates, and the artillery firing posts. You can have great views of the town from the top of the walls.

  • Hospital of the Knights and the Archaeological Museum

Hospital of the Knights

This archeological museum was constructed by the Knights of St. John, the Catholic religious military order. The place was also used for tending to the sick and poor. It was built between 1440 and 1489. The fore-space is of a beautiful courtyard garden while the city’s archeological museum is located within the premises.

  • Street of the Knights

The Cobbled Streets of the Knights is made of stone buildings extending from the Hospital of the Knights to the Palace of the Grand Masters. This is the street of the Knights comprising of the “7 Tongues” for England, France, Germany, Italy, Aragon, Auvergne, and Provence where each has its “Inn”.


Elli Beach

Elli Beach

The beautiful pebble Elli Beach is the main town beach. It has warm water suitable for swimming which tends to make it crowded. There are sunbeds and umbrellas to rent at the beach.


The Rhodes New Town

Top sights in Rhodes

There are several things you can do to enjoy your stay in Rhodes New Town. Take an early morning run along coastal paths and enjoy the sunrise and the cool breeze of the morning.

You can also take a trip to climb the Monte Smith Hill, where you can discover the fantastic Acropolis of Rhodes on the highest point of Rhodes Town. You will also see some completely restored Amphitheatres, all set in peaceful parkland.

Take a walk along the waterfront to savor the beauty of crystal-clear waters of Rhodes. You can visit the Mandraki Harbor to see the best of Rhodes New Town.


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