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While exploring the art of nature, tourists get enthralled by observing the picturesque view of the pristine waters, marine life and greenery in one frame. Restaurants, bars, plazas, and shopping centers in Los Cabos allow you to discover the local culture & architectural treasure it beholds. So the region is a paradise not only for the tourists but also for the shopaholics.

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Here, the variety and the range of fashion and style might just surprise you. From the boutiques full of local culture stuff to the posh and vast shopping centers comprising of the stuff having a mix of American, English and Asian cultures is what one simply can’t ignore while being in Los Cabos. The shopping centers are not confined to just Los Cabos corridor but extending through the towns of San Lucas and San Del Jose. Party wears, casual wears, formal and informal dresses, hence a wide variety of clothing ranges and types are available. Clothes & shoes for men, women and children, bags, jewelry items with a touch of cultural-locale, makeup range, household items, food items, cutlery, kitchen utensils, handcrafts, cuisines and what not. While it embraces all the sizes, ages & races from all over the world, the shopping opportunities in Los Cabos exhibit a native culture of Latin America. Luxurious international shopping brands like Fendi and Cartier to the food chains like Burger King and Starbucks are quite popular among the locals and the tourists.

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Plaza Bonita shopping is at the walking distance from the San Lucas Marina, the place enriched with Mexican culture depicting colonial-era ancient setup and handicrafts items with a slight touch of modernism. Puerto Paraiso shopping center and plaza is heaven for the people fond of shopping. It’s a place you definitely don’t want to miss while visiting Los Cabos. A unique local infrastructure with a number of boutiques are full of fashionable clothes, cosmetics, skincare products, and jewelry shops, you can find everything you are willing to buy. Some famous brands at Puerto Paraiso are Forever 21, Harley Davidson, Nautica, Diamonds International and Adolfo Dominguez.

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People who admire arts & crafts can find a rich variety of paintings, sculptures, pottery items, glass items, and ceramic work, souvenirs and memoirs for friends & family at home. Plaza San Lucas, Wal-Mart, Plaza Copan, Luxury Avenue, shopping centers at Palmilla, Costco and City Club are some of the most popular shopping arenas among the locals & the visitors. Tobacco and cigar lovers can find supreme Mexican or Cuban cigars there. For decoration purposes, people can buy embellishments, furniture, frames, and vases in the shops. You can feast your eyes with decorated glass pieces, glass plates & bowls and crystal clear models in the famous Glass Factory located in Cabo San Lucas. Artisans working with a lot of techniques, handling the delicate raw material carefully and watching them blow glass will simply leave you awe-struck. You can buy beautifully made straw hats and local jewelry made of stones and shells. Gallery Sol Dorado in San Del Jose is an art gallery displaying wonderful pieces of Mexican art, culture & history that will surly can the visitors’ eye.

The Eclectic Array is a place famous for its unique hand-designed clothes; Manuel Sanchez is popular for its jewelry products. Los Cabos provides a budget-friendly environment throughout the shopping malls from elite & luxurious products to local handmade crafts & items. All the products here are top quality and worth your time and money.


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