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Hike routes

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There are six major hiking paths to reach the Kilimanjaro peak which put up different levels and types of challenges to the tour-takers. They are divided into a directional course like Northern Circuit, Southern Circuit, etc.; and they are named as:


1. Lemosho Route

A 67km or 41.6mile (approximately) takes 6 to 8days to complete. It is one of the best routes to take if you want to enjoy the awe-inspiring vistas of the Kilimanjaro and its surrounding areas. Being one of the youngest routes it attracts less attention from the trekking groups, hence making it quieter and enjoyable. With a special demand, the trekkers can also increase night and yurt at the Crater Camp bivouac.


2. Shira Route

This approaches the Kilimanjaro peak from the western circuit and stretched about 66km or 41miles roughly. It can be called as the parent route of the Lemosho. After first night encampment at the Simba camp, the route merges with the Lemosho trek. It takes 7-8 days to complete this. 8 days including a stay at Moir Hut on the third day. The return route is joined with the Mweka path in the south of the peak.

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3. Machame Route

It is also called the "Whiskey route", the second shortest climb and one of the most favored paths to reach the peak i.e. heavily populous by trekkers. It is perfect for the adventure aficionado out there; as this trail is difficult to hike on, only the people who have faced such ordeals before find it cruising. The trek emerges from the southern circuit and then heads up towards east; crossing the ice filed in the south before reaching the top.


4. Umbwe Route

This route can be described as the short sweet one as one only needs to walk for 51km up to hill if we see the map, but seeing it on the map we cannot determine the challenges it puts up as one of the riskiest routes up. The number of people who take this route is less but the chances of completing this route are no more different. Only the hikers who have had enough experience and adapting abilities should go for this route; this route is not for the novice faint-hearted.

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5. Marangu Route

Also known as the “Coca-Cola Route” it is one of the longest trek routes to the Kilimanjaro summit. It is the easiest trek route to reach the top because of the slope-climb hence is preferred by many aspirants. Even though it is the chosen route by many and has several facilities; it lacks the scenic views and because of the onward and return route being the same, it's heavily crowded too. It is not a great choice for you if you keep adventure and thrill above comfort.


6. Rongai Route

The soul path that approaches the Kilimanjaro mountain from the northern region with 72km trek distance and also closest to the border of Kenya. A partly opposite of the Marangu route, this trekking path is very still and provides a quieter upwards hike to the summit. Though it doesn’t provide much of natural views; its difficulty level is modest which is why this route is highly advised for backpacking aspirants.


While visiting this hike location keep in mind that due to sudden growth in the predilection of these, various fake tour co-coordinators have emerged. They offer lower costing for the hike guidance, which might not be legal so make your choice sensibly.


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