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What to expect from a Northern Lights tour 1

Preparations for the Northern Lights

Going for a blast viewing of the Northern Lights requires that you are adequately prepared for the spectacles. You need to be adequately prepared to have the best of the view to justify your investment. Here are the things to do:

  • Wear a thick winter coat with hood
  • Wear snow pants and possibly another layer of sweatpants for adequate protection
  • You can also put on a wool top and bottom base-layer
  • Optionally, a wool sweater is recommended
  • You can also wear a fleece or possibly a second sweater.
  • A down vest is an added option
  • You could wear two pairs of socks; one nylon and thick wool.
  • Warm gloves are necessities not optional
What to expect from a Northern Lights tour 2

What to expect from the Northern Lights spectacle

Realistically, our naked eye can most probably see the green-yellow part of the spectrum as the sun emits light. The green color is the most commonly observed, but the Northern Lights can also most of the times appear white-gray. Sometimes the Northern Lights are even present but not visible to the natural naked eye.

  • Watching the Northern Lights in Iceland from the many designated spots may be a huge crowd puller as people surge forth and back to get the best view they could catch.
  • If you have a getaway car to escape from light pollution or significant cloud cover, you may not get the best of the spectacular nature-endowed show. This is because some people run away either out of impatience or fright.
  • If you are one of the great adventurers, you may be able to take some enchanting photographs on your own or sometimes by the guides.
  • The Northern Lights are quite famous for dazzling across the night skies; they are normally influenced majorly by the activity of the sun.
  • Predictably, if there was a good aurora in the previous 27 days, then there is a likelihood of another good aurora today and most possibly in the next 27 days thereafter.
What to expect from a Northern Lights tour 3

Where bet to watch

1. Seltjarnarnes

This point has been acclaimed to be almost the best place to view the Northern Lights but unfortunately, only very curious observers know about this secret. The point is known to deliver quality photos of the Lights. It is a relatively uninhabited peninsula that offers quietness and darkness for best photographic effects.

2. Perlan

Perlan usually called The Pearl is close to the downtown with a great view that persists over the town with a clear night sky. It is a far better viewing point over the city center.

3. Thingvellir

Thingvellir is another glorious point to view and take photos of the northern lights. Moving some distance away from the information center will get you to a hill to get a better view of the aurora.

4. Eldborgahraun

Eldborgahraun is another perfect location to watch and take good photographs of the Northern Lights as the moss colors of the night light spread over the lava field. It is a solitary site to see the aurora.

What to expect from a Northern Lights tour 4

Best Months To See The Northern Lights

For a best spectacular view of the Northern Lights, the skies must be dark. The best months are from early April running up to the late August when the aurora may most likely be blazing across the Arctic firmament, but that is if you are aided with some scientific equipment because the skies may just be too light for the human eye to decipher the show.