Saidia Beach Morocco

saidia Morocco

The golden beaches of Saidia attract people who want it all. They want adventure, fine dining, clean beaches, warm water and all inclusive resorts. You will find all of that and a lot more in Saidia. With one of the longest beaches in Morocco, there is no shortage of space along the 14 km of sand. The town is filled with exciting things to do, such as, golf courses, shopping and of course delicious restaurants where you can wind down after a long day at the beach. A breakfast restaurant that has a great menu selection is Le Marbella. The atmosphere is fun and friendly and it’s a known spot for people to fuel up before heading out for the day. If you want something that has it all, be sure to check out the Ouiji resultant. They are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and have a buffet full of morocco’s most flavorful dishes. Every August there is a Folk music festival which draws in visitors. Be sure to check this out if you are there during this time as it is known to be a whole lot of fun!


Legzira Beach Morocco

Legzira Plage Morocco

Nestled in the middle of 2 small towns in Morocco you will find the Legzira Plage. This beach stands out as a place you must visit for several reasons. There is 8 km of coastline covered in sand backed by large rocks and cliffs. The main attraction here is the rock that is now shaped as a giant arch which extends itself into the water. The area is windy, yet peaceful to walk along as the warm calming wind wraps around you. Legzira Plage is a quieter beach area that people choose to vacation at, away from the larger cities.

If you are looking for a real adventure why not go on one of the well planned tours and spend a night in the desert. You will be supplied with everything you need and you will have the opportunity to sleep in a traditional tent right on the sand dunes.

In the small beach town there is the Cafe Nomad which serves Mediterranean dishes for seafood lovers or vegetarians, desserts and selection of refreshments.


Dakhla Beach Morocco

Dakhla Morocco

Dakhla is the famous beach in Morocco that meets the Western Sahara desert. It has hot weather all year round which heats up the ocean making it a popular beach to swim and surf in. The most popular activity in Dakhla is kit surfing due to the consistent wind year round. The ideal time to go on a kite surfing adventure is between April and September when the wind is at just the right speed. There are plenty of classes and schools to teach you how to kite surf, so if you don’t already know how, take one of these classes and ride with the pros the next day.

Enjoy the view from The Nautilus restaurant, which has a French, seafood menu located on a roof top.


Essaouira Beach Morocco

Essaouira Morocco

Essaouira, which is located on the Atlantic Ocean, is known as a resort town. It is a perfect vacation spot for families, all kinds of surfers and couples. The adventure never stops in Essaouira, there are horse riding and camel riding tours that will take you along the beach as well as ate tours which will take you for a rip through the sand dunes. There are spas where you can relax and have a massage, art galleries and several restaurants you will want to try. The Hungry Nomad restaurant is known to serve delicious African dishes to please anyone’s taste buds.

Morocco is filled with sandy beaches along the coast lines. These are just a few of the beautiful beaches. Be sure to check out local hang out spots and lounges where ever you end up going so you can spend some time with locals and they can share all the tricks and tips with you to make your vacation extra special.