Tips for finding your perfect wedding venue | Traveler by Unique

There are some essential things to consider before choosing a perfect wedding venue. What is your vision of the venue? Do you want a castle, countryside, coastal, outdoor, or a barn? Check our tips below.


1. Consider talking to wedding planners

wedding planners

The wedding planners know the nitty-gritty of weddings and how best to choose an ideal venue that meets your vision. They have good knowledge of space capabilities, space management, timing and what you need to get the space in needed form. A planner will aid you to know the pro and cons of a venue.


2. Consider the numbers of guests you intend to have at the wedding

It is imperative to understand the importance of knowing the numbers of guests you want to bring to your wedding ceremony. This will have bearings on so many factors. Remember you need to carry your spouse along and also consult her parents on the number of guests they want to add to your list. If you take a smaller space than can comfortably accommodate your guests, then problems set in. Likewise, if you take space too large for the numbers of guests that turned in at the venue, you will probably lose some money.


3. Consider your budget

wedding budget

Your estimated budget determines the overall choice of the venue you may have to settle for. Work in accordance with your budget; avoid last minutes impulse inflation to your initial budget except if you have provided for that. For everything you have to do, put your budget in mind.


4. Consider the convenience and comfort of your guests

Remember that some of your guests will be coming from different locations. Put their flights’ expenses into consideration along with the numbers of guests the rooms of your chosen venue can take. Sure, you don’t want to belabor your guests!


5. Consider the means of getting to the venue

Consider the means of getting to the venue

Means of getting your guests into the actual venue of your wedding is important. If most of your guests are ‘out-of-town’ guests, how do you comfortably get them to the venue is another important factor. You don’t want to get them stocked up in their rooms missing the event they’d come for!


6. Consider the local photographers

Consider the local photographers

It is helpful to consider the real-time use of local photographers as this stem down some of your costs. Can you source some local photographers in your chosen wedding destination? If you can, the better for you!


7. Consider you two (yourself and your spouse)

Consider what type of venue do you and your spouse considered ideal for your wedding. Don’t be carried away with the superficial offers you see online. Choose a venue that will please the two of you. Remember that your wedding is about 80% of your wedding show.


8. Consider the aftermath event after your marriage ceremony

Consider the aftermath event after your marriage ceremony

You are left alone with your spouse after the merrymaking events of your wedding. If perchance you over-shoot your budget, you will most likely be left alone to sort things out. So, consider a venue that fits and meets your niche.


9. Consider the safe return trip of your guests

This is one factor that most couples always overlook in choosing the best venue for their weddings. Some guests want to return to their local base immediately after the reception to attend to other equally important assignments. Will your chosen venue afford such people to safely return to their base, particularly after dancing and some glasses of wine (probably spirit)?


10. Consider the weather of the place of your interest

Consider the weather of the place of your interest

Is the weather perfect and friendly? Be sure that the weather around the place you consider for your wedding venue is conducive, not too hot and not too cold and without threats of any form of natural or unnatural occurrences.


Finally, an early plan will give you enough time to check and review many wedding destination options that are open to you before you settle down for the best venue that meets your vision.