There are many reasons why Nairobi should be at the top of your list. Nairobi is the capital city in Kenya. The city is twice the size of the state of Nevada. With so much area to cover and so many great things to do, you will never have a boring moment. One of the main attractions of the city is the Nairobi National Park. Since Nairobi is the hub for all the best excursions and safaris, it is definitely the place you want to be.

There are so many ways you can experience Kenya through a safari. You can choose from a day trip, to soak up the scenic wildlife, all the way up to a 55 day adventure safari that you will never forget. Some of the safaris have camping spots to stay the night, while others have lodges or other accommodations.

When choosing your safari you’ll want to keep a few things in mind. What do you really want to see? What experiences are important to you? What time of year are you visiting? The list goes on. Having the answers to these questions in the back of your mind will help you decide on which safari to take.

Masai Mara Africa

Massai Mara is a large game national reserve. This is unquestionably the number one place you will want your safari to take you to. The Massai Mara National Park is 853 sq mi of grass lands and depending on the season, steams. In the reserve you will have the opportunity to see wildlife in a natural habitat. The reserve is the home to all of the animals you are going to see. If you are planning a trip between July and October you get to see wildebeest, zebra’s and gazelles migrating to another side of the park. This is an incredible sight to see. Imagine the nature shows you’ve seen on TV and how the animals run together in herds while protecting their young ones. This is the real life version of that. You will get to see elephants bathing and playing together in the rivers while the hippo’s and crocodiles lurk to see if they can catch some lunch!

Lions, leopards and cheetah’s have dens throughout the reserve. You will see them sneaking up on buffalo’s and wildebeest trying to get food for their families. Lions and cheetahs will give you the best game viewings. Just make sure you are prepared to see nature run its course! In the park you will also find rhinos, jackals, foxes and of course hyenas. No safari is complete without hearing the yipping noise coming from a hyena!

Nairobi National Park Africa

The Nairobi National Park is a short drive from the city. It is fenced to keep the wildlife in, and the hustle and bustle of the busy city out. The park is almost 30,000 acres and made up of, dry grassy fields, the Mbagathi River, forest and deep rock valleys. The park has cheetahs, Hyenas, zebras, wildebeest lions and leopards living inside it. There is also an animal orphanage which you can visit to see the animals. If you want some amazing sightseeing without experiencing the entire safari you can opt in for one of the safari walks that is hosted here.

Amboseli National Park Africa

Another park that is worth the visit and is often paired with Massai Mara on a planned safari is the Amboseli National Park. This huge park is sprawled across 39,206 hectares. Not only does this park have elephants roaming free throughout the park, it also has 400 different species of birds. If you are a bird lover, this is your heaven. There are 47 different raptor species you will have the chance to see! The park has 5 swamps which animals love to travel to. The safari will take you to all the necessary spots so you can view and snap photos of lions, cheetahs, giraffes, zebras and more. The park protects the wildlife so it has strict rules that must be followed for the safety of yourself and the animals.

From the park you can see Mt. Kilimanjaro which is the highest mountain in Africa. As you move around the park it is easier to view the scenery and wildlife as vegetation is scarce in this area. The Amboseli National Park is considered world wide as one of the best wildlife viewing parks.

Tsavo National Park Africa

The oldest national park in Kenya is the Tsavo National Park. The park has several attractions you will want to see. The Tsavo River runs through the park giving animals water and making the backdrop of your safari lush and inviting. You will see all of the other animals that you will see at the other parks, plus more. Being one of the largest game reserves in the world you will also get to see animals such as wildcat, baboon, monkey, impala, mongoose and otters. There is the Tsavo lion which is has no mane, leaving them to look more like a lioness.

Remember there are countless amounts of tours to choose from so you can be sure to hit all the sites you want too. Pack your bags according to the weather, head to Nairobi and be prepared to see the most exquisite safari’s in the world.