Rainforest adventures in Costa Rica | Traveler by Unique

Being a part of the ‘Pacific Ring of Fire', the volcanoes at Costa are magnificent and also the reason for such lush natural vegetation and some of the best wildlife sightings across the whole land from both North and South America. It is home to 7% flora and fauna of the planet, making it one of the top 20 lands in biodiversity. The forests cover the vast spread of land till the volcanoes and breathtaking because of the fog and are home to approx 500,000 species of animals.

With so much or nature and tourism, it is obvious that adventure waits at every corner for the guests. Here is a list of activities that you must do when visiting the Costa Rican forests.

  • Zip-lining

zip line

Sliding down a cable suspended to a pulley, since more than a quarter of the area is tree-covered, zip-lining is one of the best ways to enjoy the holiday and see the nature closer than ever. This sporting facility is available in the entire country, but the best ones are near Arenal Volcano, a tourist spot itself. You can glide across beaches, through the waterfalls, with the river gorges and between the trees taking in the mystical forest. Acrophobic? Fear of heights? No worries, the Ticos have this covered; there are several short routes at low heightened forest canopy tours. But for the real extreme players, there are kilo-meter long routes for you.


  • White Water Rafting

white water rafting

Imagine yourself on the rafting boat steering it through the swift river and surrounded by thick green trees. With quick running water of the streams and gorges, you must try the white water rafting which is almost like a roller-coaster ride. The best ones are located at the Sarapiqui, the Pacuare, the Reventazon, the Corobici and so many more; each river has its level of difficulty, making it easier to choose from. Even if you have done rafting before, this is one must-do activity. For a start, you can go for the calmer Corobici River, and enjoy the natural view around the banks.


  • Hiking and trekking

hiking costa rica

Isn't it obvious if you love adventure and outdoors? Costa Rica is full of cliffs, volcanoes, and vegetation; it brings out the fact that it is ideal for such outdoor excursions. You could go out for a walk, hike the nearby forest or explore the blackened flat lands near Arenal Volcano. Several accommodation providers also give out packages that include trekking. People who want to wader out but cannot go alone can join others to make a small group. One has to be sure not to come in contact with any strange looking flora or fauna, as it could be dangerous. Also, you can fetch some nearby natural rivers or waterfalls to maintain a proper trail.


  • Canyoning or Rappelling

Canyoning or Rappelling

To look into the real jungle from a distinct viewpoint, Rappelling or Canyoning is another option. They give out exiting memories and experiences and allow you to get near nature. Canyoning requires you to move down on a rock, suspended through wire harness at a controlled pace. You opt for waterfall rappelling, climbing down the sides of the waterfall, with exquisite flora and cold water drop on you. They require extreme precision as a minor fault can lead to a major injury, so before going for this make sure that you have done this before as decent through moist rocks is trickier than normal rappel.


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