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The culinary tradition of the Island is better characterized by minimalism in taste and the freshness of the ingredients which are locally produced. Simplicity is also found in the cooking techniques which embrace the real taste of the ingredient and define a healthy diet. In this article, we present some of the things that you should eat during your holidays in Elounda.


Cretan cheeses

Cretan cheeses

Crete, in general, is a self-sufficient Island as it is capable of producing almost every type of agricultural product. One of the most known and well-reputable products of Crete is cheese as every village can produce its characteristic cheese. Travelers who spend their holidays in Elounda have the opportunity to taste these cheeses in almost every restaurant and tavern. To embrace the locally produced cheeses and the Cretan diet, chefs tend to accompany their recipes with some of the Island’s most famous cheeses, such as “graviera” or “myzithra”.




There is no possible way that during your holidays in Elounda you will not get the opportunity to taste “Dakos”, an authentic and characteristic Cretan recipe. “Dakos” is better served as a starter or part of the traditional meze ritual that takes place in every restaurant in Elounda. It is a barley rusk topped with tomato and myzithra, a Cretan cheese with a soft creamy texture. “Dakos” also features two characteristic ingredients of Crete, olive oil and oregano. The result is a mouth-watering and ultra-light dish with fresh ingredients and intense taste.




The list with the things that one should eat in Elounda also includes a delicious pastry called “Kalitsounia”. They are sweet cheese pies made of locally produced and fresh ingredients. A handmade dough is a must in baking these delicious sweet pies. Once the dough is ready, Cretans fill the dough with a mixture of “myzithra” cheese, honey and rosewater. The result is an irresistible, super tasty and delicious option for breakfast and an afternoon snack. In Elounda, visitors can find these delicious treats in bakeries or even in some restaurants.


Lamb with stamnagathi

Lamb with stamnagathia

Restaurants and taverns in Elounda proudly serve some of Crete’s most known recipes, such as the infamous lamb with stamnagathi. It has to be noted that every part of Greece has its characteristic way of cooking and serving lamb. However, in the case of Crete, this particular recipe has some extraordinary and healthy twists and additions like no other. More precisely, in Crete, locals and chefs accompany lamb with a type of wild greens called “stamnagathi”. These wild greens are among the most trending options in high-end Greek restaurants due to their tasty flavour and their high nutritious values. The lamb is sautéed with olive oil and oregano, and it is usually served with some lemon sauce that enhances its taste. This amazing and super tasty recipe is included in the menus of restaurants and taverns in Elounda and is a must-try option.




Holidays in Elounda offer a unique opportunity to explore and engage yourself with the local customs and traditions. One of the signature dishes of the Cretan tradition is the one served at local weddings. Due to the mesmerizing taste, this particular dish is now served in the great majority of restaurants around the island of Crete. Gamopilafo is a type of risotto served in weddings, as the word suggests, as “gamos” means a wedding. As every other meat risotto, gamopilafo is prepared by combining goat, lamb, or rooster. A particular type of butter and lemon juice is then added to enhance and enrich the taste. Gamopilafo is one of the best and must-try options while in Elounda as it incorporates a tradition that survived through the years and now forms a delicious traditional recipe.


Raki or Tsikoudia


For those who wish to fully explore the local cuisine while in Elounda, food should be accompanied by the traditional drink of Crete, “raki” or “tsikoudia” as it is also known. The list with the things that one should eat in Elounda includes this exceptional alcoholic drink as it is listed among the top must-try things while in Crete. “Raki” is distilled from grapes and served in small shot glasses straight. This particular drink can be found in every type of establishment in Elounda, from authentic and small coffee shops to extravagant and luxurious fine restaurants, “raki” is the must-try option.


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