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However, except for all of the above mentioned, Elounda is a great spot for those who are searching beaches of unparalleled natural beauty. Crowded, secluded, luxurious and unspoiled are some of the beaches that travelers can find during their time there. In this article, some of the most known and top beaches in Elounda are presented, leaving the rest to be explored by you.


Skisma beach

skisma beach

Located east of Elounda, Skisma beach is listed among the most popular options in the area. In reality, Skisma is adjacent to the harbor and because it is a municipal beach, the bay is very well organized. The beach is surrounded by small and charming hotels and multiple traditional taverns serving delicious and freshly made flavors. In what regards the bay, the sandy terrain and the calm shallow waters ensure a smooth and pleasurable time there. Travelers, who wish to spend their day there, can make use of the umbrellas and the comfortable sunbeds, while showers are also available for the public. Also, Skisma beach features beach volley facilities, a playground and water sports options.


Hiona beach


The coastal road leading towards the east end of Elounda will lead you towards the second beach of Hiona. It has to be noted that there is another beach called Hiona. Therefore, keep in mind that this particular beach is also known as Poros. In Greek language and according to the Cretan dialect, the word "hiona" means the carob storehouse. The beach took its name from the storehouses that used to be there as carobs were transported via ships. Nowadays, there are some remains of these buildings next to the shore.

In what regards the beach, Hiona is a sandy bay with crystal clear waters ideal for swimming. The beach is well organized with umbrellas providing the necessary shade, comfortable sunbeds and showers. Besides, the beach has lifeguards and multiple water sports facilities for those who are interested in experiencing some adrenaline boosts. It has to be noted that travelers who wish to spend their time there can easily combine sightseeing as the road that passes from Hiona beach leads towards some interesting attractions.


Kolokytha beach

Kolokytha beach

Kolokytha beach is found on the first of the two islands just before Elounda. From the main road, visitors should follow and drive on a bridge to reach this heavenly made spot. What makes this area truly special and unique, is the exceptional beauty of nature along with the ample sense of tranquillity that offers. The beach is also known as Agios Loukas beach due to the nearby church. Kolokytha beach guarantees swimming into turquoise waters, away from the crowds. It is the perfect spot to relax and enjoy an unspoiled and secluded setting. The bay is also a great spot for the adventure seekers as the wild nature that surrounds the bay makes available some great activities such as rock climbing. The clean waters of the sea allow visitors to enjoy snorkeling and other water sports.


Driros beach

Driros beach

The broader area of Elounda includes some magnificent and exceptional beaches that can cover any need and interest. For those who wish to proceed with an exploration of the area, few kilometers away Driros beach can be reached. The beach features an imposing and almost tropical landscape as it is surrounded by pine trees. Sunbeds and umbrellas can also be found there as well as a beach bar serving refreshing drinks and tasty snacks. Driros, except for being a nice beach, also forms an excellent view as it located exactly opposite of Spinalonga Island.


Plaka beaches


Another possible option for swimming in the broader area of Elounda is to visit the small and picturesque village of Plaka that has two beaches. The bays there are not well organized and shade is provided by few trees. However, both of the beaches in Plaka are must-visit for those who wish to enjoy silence and tranquillity as the bays are fairly empty for most of the day. In the area between the two beaches, there is a small harbor where ferry boats to Spinalonga depart.


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