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At first, there are the recipes and the ingredients that are being used in the seaside villages where the main elements are fish and seafood in general. Second, there are areas where vegetables and plains are prominent elements and the last subcategory has to do with the mountainous villages where meat is their specialty.

Travelers who immerse themselves into the outstanding gastronomy of Naxos are in a way able to explore and understand the Island’s traditions and history. The most characteristic products of the Naxian gastronomy are the potatoes, the sweet tomatoes, cheeses and of course the citron liqueur. This particular liqueur is made of the citron fruit, which is similar to the taste of grapefruit, and travelers can taste it in almost every place in Naxos.

The Island is indeed a gastronomic destination like no other, and this argument can be illustrated in some interesting facts. Firstly, 14% of the country’s dairy production is coming from Naxos. Secondly, the Island has a plethora of beef production units, producing high-quality steaks. Finally, Naxos is the biggest producer of agricultural products in the Cyclades. With a sensational blend of aromas, fresh vegetables, an amazing plethora of seafood and fishes, locally produced dairy products and meat, the Naxian recipes managed to pass from one generation to another and continue to lure foodies from around the world.


Eating out

Where to eat and drink in Naxos

The Island has a great variety of option when it comes to eating out. Fine restaurants with an upgraded menu, an impressive wine list, and exclusive service can be found in almost every part of the Island. In this type of establishments, visitors often enjoy Greek and Mediterranean cuisine with modern touches. Another option for easting out is fish restaurants, where lavishing settings and excellent wines are accompanied with freshly caught fishes and seafood. In addition, there are small charming establishments called taverns that are spread all over the Island, at the seaside and the mountains. These picturesque places are mostly preferred by the locals and service excellent, mouth-watering and local recipes in a more laid back setting.


Local Specialties

The exceptional selections composing the menus of the Naxian restaurants can upgrade the culinary experience of every sophisticated and passionate foodie. The main aim of the chefs is to promote Greek gastronomy with an emphasis on the Cycladic approach and more precisely the Naxian cuisine. With the use of locally produced and fresh ingredients, recipes amaze visitors with their special taste and their ability to perfectly combine one another.


rosto - Naxos

In what regards the local specialties, meat lovers have some must-try recipes. One of the most famous recipes of the Naxian cuisine is called Patoudo. In fact, Patoudo is a land stuffed with fennel, chard, a blend of herbs and garlic. According to the traditions and customs of the Island, Patoudo is usually served on Easter Sunday, however, travelers can find it in restaurants and taste this great recipe. Meat enthusiasts can also enjoy another excellently executed recipe in Naxian restaurants. Pig Rosto is made from pig leg, which is marinated in red wine. It is usually served with the infamous Naxian potatoes and the softness of the meat along with the sweetness of the wine will offer you the ultimate mouth-watering experience.


Sefoukloti - Naxos

Except for the meat, other traditional recipes include, among others, Koukoulomaeria soup. This particular soup is made from white beans, wheat, corn, and olive oil. This is a great option for those who wish to enjoy and taste the simplicity of the cuisine, as well as the fresh vegetables of the Island. Another great option of the same approach is Sefoukloti, which is a sweet-savory pie. The main ingredients of this pie include wild greens from the Naxian Mountains, parsley, onion, rice and various herbs to provide the necessary aroma. Last, but not least, is the great selection of fishes and seafood. After all, holidays in Greek Island is all about tasting the fruits of the sea and the freshly caught fishes. Except for the variety of fish soups, seafood pasta and grilled fishes that restaurant serves, there is a must-try local specialty. Salachtouri is a famous Naxian salad made with rays, mixed green vegetables, olives, and a delicious lemon dressing.


Melachrino - Naxos

As every other Greek Island, Naxos has its own traditional desserts. In this case, the interesting highlight is that the Naxian traditional dessert is famous all over Greece. Melachrino is a type of walnut pie that includes citron liqueur which is locally produced. Melachrino is usually served in restaurants, cafeterias or pastry shops with a scoop of Mastiha ice cream, allowing visitors to taste a truly unique and ultra-Greek flavor in every bite.


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