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Visit Portara

Visit Portara - Naxos

While in Naxos, there is one thing that travelers should definitely do and this is to visit the emblematic monument of Portara. This landmark can be reached with a short walk from the capital town’s port and was constructed 2500 years ago as a representation of devotion to Apollo. Portara is, in fact, an imposing marble doorway and offers great views over the sea and the town. Due to the fact that it forms part of an ancient temple, it is said that the spot has great energy and positive vibes, especially during the sunset time.


Explore the Castle

Explore the Castle - Naxos

In Naxos’ capital town of Chora, as it is also called, visitors can explore an imposing castle that features some interesting and important structures. The castle has two entrances, called Trani Porta and Paraporti and inside this landmark, travelers are able to stroll around and observe some important monuments. Among others, the most interesting ones are the chapel of the Duke, the Boarding School of Ursulines, a Catholic Cathedral and the Glezos’ Tower. Around the castle, there are many other museums and galleries to be explored. The narrow streets in the surrounding area have some charming and cute cafeterias and restaurants ideal for a short break during sightseeing.



Windsurfing - Naxos

Naxos has definitely some great options for the adrenaline seekers. The Island has shallow lagoons, gentle waves, and ideal wind flow, which makes it a perfect destination for windsurfing and one of the best spots in Greece for such activities. For those who are wishing to experience some extra excitement, Plaka, Agios Prokopios, and Agios Georgios are some of the most suitable locations. It has to be noted that stronger wind flow can be observed during the early afternoon hours.


Enjoy the beach

Enjoy the beach - Naxos

During your time in Naxos, exploring the beaches is a must activity. The exploration will guide you towards the impressive variety of beaches the Island has; from secluded to crowded, and from sandy to pebbly, Naxos achieves to thrill visitors with its exceptional beaches. Among the many options, there are few beaches that considered being the must-visit spots due to their increased popularity and exceptional beauty. More precisely, Plaka beach can be found on the west-south coast of the Island and is the place to be for water sports enthusiasts. Another example of a great beach is Agios Prokopios, which is listed as one of the most beautiful in Greece due to its golden sandy terrain, its length, and its crystal clear waters.


Tour around the mountainous villages

Tour around the mountainous villages - Naxos

Due to its size, Naxos consists of 41 different villages and many of them are found on the mountainside. Each and every single one of them has its own unique charm that is perfectly combined with the warmth of the people, the traditions, the history, and the preserved architectural style. Exploring the mountainous villages of Naxos is listed as one of the best things to do, as it is a great opportunity to interact with the locals and observe their lifestyle. In addition, an excursion there is an excellent chance to get away from the crowds and enjoy the peaceful scenery. One of the must-visit villages is Halki, situated on the north part of Naxos. The village has to impose Venetian towers and multiple Byzantine churches. Another great option is to visit Koronos, in the northeast part of Naxos. The village is surrounded by vineyards and is famous for its wine production.


Day trip to Mykonos or Santorini

Day trip to Mykonos or Santorini

Situated in the Cyclades group of Islands, Naxos is not far away from some of the most popular Islands in the world; Santorini and Mykonos. In Naxos, there are multiple tours with which travelers can enjoy a full day excursion towards these Islands and spend some hours strolling around. These tours offer the perfect getaway and an exceptional opportunity to enjoy the breath-taking Santorini cliffs, to observe the charming whitewashed houses and the dramatic blue domes, to party like never before in Mykonos and to feel the cosmopolitan and lavishing atmosphere of these Islands.


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