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Apeiranthos - Naxos

One of the most notable and must-visit villages is Apeiranthos, where travelers can experience a unique, authentic atmosphere in almost every corner. The village has a well-preserved character, due to the local’s efforts in maintaining the culture as well as their own dialect, which is heavily influenced by the Cretan dialect. The village is amphitheatrically built on Fanari Mountain and due to its position visitors are able to enjoy breath-taking views over the Naxian nature. Strolling around the village allows visitors to observe a unique and distinct architectural style that has nothing to do with the characteristic Cycladic style. More precisely, the houses are built with stones that offer a more countryside sense. Apeiranthos has five museums and a few churches that visitors can explore in order to receive some interesting information about the village’s history and culture. In addition, some charming restaurants are serving delicious recipes and numerous craftsmanship shops selling beautiful souvenirs.



Filoti - Naxos

The mountainous village of Filoti is located in the Tragea region and consists of three small settlements. The village is listed as the largest on the Island in terms of population and is known for the beautiful olive groves. What makes Filoti one of the most popular options for exploration is its characteristic Cycladic style that features whitewashed houses and picturesque narrow streets. Visitors can find few cafeterias and restaurants in the village’s main road, which are the ideal spots to meet and interact with the locals. In what regards sightseeing, while in Filoti, visitors can observe the Barozzi Tower, which is a reminder that the Island was under the Venetian rule. Next to that, there is a marble wall with a tab that has running spring water. On that wall, there is an inscription of King Otto, the first king of modern age Greece.



Halki - Naxos

Among the most notable mountainous villages of Naxos is Halki which has long served as the capital town and the central administrative and commercial point of the Island. The settlement has its own unique architectural style with numerous graceful neoclassical buildings spread around the charming streets. Visitors of Halki are also able to explore Venetian Towers and Byzantine Churches that feature sculptures, frescoes and inscriptions. Halki is also the ideal village destination for those wishing to experience the ultimate serenity as it is surrounded by olive trees and forests.



Koronos - Naxos

Koronos village forms one of the oldest settlements that they were formed in the Island as it appears in ancient written records from 1200AD. Situated in an imposingly dramatic location, between two mountains, the village is surrounded by green valleys and vineyards. Due to that, Koronos is one of the ideal spots to enjoy exceptional views over the beauty of the Naxian nature. Visiting the settlement is a memorable experience as the seven neighborhoods are connected with charming narrow streets and the characteristic island architecture creates an atmospheric backdrop. For a more upgraded and exclusive experience, visitors can enjoy a meal in one of the village’s restaurants or enjoy the laid back atmosphere in one of the traditional coffee shops that can be found there. It has to be noted that Koronos has two museums and vineyards which produce high-quality wine.



Sagri - Naxos

Unlike the seaside villages, Sagri has an architectural style with medieval influences which is perfectly balancing the mountainous backdrop. The village is in reality divided into two parts, the upper and the lower. In what regards upper Sagri, it is located on the hillside and is the place to be if you are in search of breath-taking views. There, visitors can explore the monastery of Agios Eleftherios, which used to be a secret school during the period of the Ottoman occupation. In what regards lower Sagri, visitors can observe and admire the remains of two Venetian towers and a third towers which is fully reconstructed. In a short distance from the settlement, travelers can find traditional taverns and coffee shops offering excellent recipes and a relaxing atmosphere.


Tripodes or Vivlos

Tripodes or Vivlos - Naxos

The mountainous village of Tripodes is commonly referred to as Vivlos and forms one of the largest settlements in Naxos. The most characteristic element of this village is the windmills, which are gracefully standing and offer a truly charming backdrop. Visitors will enjoy walking in the narrow paved streets, observe the whitewashed houses and appreciate the tranquillity of the village. In what regards sightseeing opportunities, travelers can visit the windmills, several churches of great importance, a folklore museum and few other towers that are found in the nearby area. The village’s central square is the ideal place to relax and enjoy a short break as few traditional coffee shops can be found there.


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