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The spaciousness of the site ensures that a skier can ski down a slope, and not have to worry about lining up at a lift station in a queue.

Timing the ski trips also plays a part in this regard. The busiest of the hours are morning, and just following is lunch. The best times for skiing are preferably between noon and 2 pm. Access to a few of the lesser-known spots lets a tourist enjoy skiing to the max when at 3 Valleys. The destination is among the most popular in France for skiers and offers a lot for athletes with beginner, intermediate or expert level skills.

The total area covered by the 3 Valleys is 600km. They involve nicely linked pistes in a range of 1260 m to 3230 m and 180 m ski lifts. The highest ski village in Europe, Val Thorens is at a height of 2300 m. Similarly, Courchevel and Meribel also make fine French ski resorts. The valley also has some of the finest ski schools for tourists who intend to learn a little bit of skiing.


1. Courchevel


Courchevel valley is a site that enables a few of the finest of avenues for off-piste skiing. It comprises of a few of the most attractive groomed natural slopes, which are combined with corduroy stripes. It is best to take the aid of a knowledgeable guide, but a few of the slopes require only a short climb and offer easy lift access.

A much-recognized base adored by skiers is Courchevel 1650. It is at a far side of the ski area and is among the quietest of the sites. Lodging arrangements in ski chalets makes the stay pleasing for tourists. The slope is wide and easily accommodates many skiers, who can find several progressive slopes along the tracks. They initiate the skiing from the Ariondaz bubble. A double drag lift makes the adventure more fun still.

Ariondaz is probably the finest of the villages in Courchevel to put up in. By timing the ski adventures right, Ariondaz offers destinations that feature bands and DJs, and make the skiing trip more fun still. It is an ideal destination for families and they can keep entertained on non-ski days.

As a tourist passes by the road through Courchevel 1550, on the one side is the accommodation while on the other side is skiing. It is right below its sister resort 1850, which is upmarket and more expensive. A couple of lifts depart, one from either end of 1550. They both lead on to Courchevel 1850, and that is where the connection to pistes from across the 3 Valleys is made.

Among the top attractions in 1850 is a toboggan run that finishes down right in the Courchevel village. It is adored by kids and adults alike.


2. La Tania

La Tania

The village of La Tania is sandwiched between Courchevel and Meribel. It makes a fine base to ski the 3 Valleys, characterized by high-speed pistes, freeride terrains and tree runs. La Tania has 150 km of pistes and also offers easy access to both, Courchevel and Meribel.


3. Meribel


Meribel is located in the very heart of 3 Valleys and is the most central among all resorts. It has sufficient resources for snow sports enthusiasts of all kinds and has fine resources for skiers, in the form of hotels, restaurants, après and art lifts. This is complemented by 600 km of pisted runs. Sites such as the Mont Vallon bubble give access to some off-piste skiing as well. In the neighbouring resorts, a few of the challenging pistes too can be found.


4. Les Menuires

Les Menuires

Les Menuires village is placed at an altitude of 1850 m. It offers a number of advantages for a skier, in form of ski from the door. The destination is well recognized for its quality of skiing. The pistes are available in a nice variety and the lift system is modern and efficient. The mountainside is west facing and stays bright right till late afternoons. Intermediate skiers delight in skiing over here.


5. Saint Martin de Belleville

Saint Martin de Belleville

Among the catchiest features of Saint Martin de Belleville are refined chalet accommodations, gentle atmosphere and gourmet delights. It has a collection of a few of the exquisite farm to table restaurants and is the top site for foodies in 3 Valleys. It is located right below Les Menuires, and at 1450 meters, ensures easy access to Meribel and the remainder of 3 Valleys alike. It includes a few of the off-piste terrains for skiing as well, and a tourist can ski back to the village from atop the Olympique express lift.


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