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Chamonix is recognized for its panoramic views of the mountains, beautiful scenery and the village also comes across as a fine ski destination. In the close neighbourhood is Europe’s tallest mountain peak, Mont Blanc that stands at an astonishing height of 15,531 feet. Skiing at Mont Blanc makes a uniquely unforgettable experience.


Riding cable cars

cable cars Mont Blanc

Vallee Blanche is among the longest trails in Europe and is very popular at Chamonix-Mont-Blanc resort. It is accessible by a cable car which starts from atop L’Aiguille Du Midi. The cable car goes down 12 miles to the glacier Mer de Glace. Alpine skiers enjoy the relaxing run and it delights tourists from across the world. It is often recommended that the spot is not the finest for snowboarders. It involves flat stretches, wherein they are required to un-strap their board and start hiking.


Make the most of skiing

Make the most of skiing Mont Blanc

Chamonix is well known for its 90 miles of a skiable landscape that caters to the liking of skiers with beginner, intermediate and expert level skills. The 145 trails are spread across 13 skiable areas.

Each of the ski areas is essentially distinctive. They offer amazing views of glacial peaks. The slopes are gentle and rolling. There are 3 slopes which are the best for beginners. Among them, Le Tour has the largest beginners’ area. There are several choices available for intermediate skiers, with the difficulty levels enhancing iteratively.

Among the best parts of skiing at Chamonix is the view of Mont Blanc. Skiiers have a chance to go skiing on or off piste, and the choices are abundant. The ski areas start at 2000 meters on an average. The lifts can take skiers to a height of up to 3000 meters.

Brevent is a ski area situated in the resort of Chamonix. Another exquisite ski spot is the Valle Blanche glacier. It is accessible by hiking down to Aiguille du Midi lift. A mountain guide can help ease the processes.

Chamonix is essentially a town. It is known as a village because it reflects the feel of a village. It is also well recognized as a foodie’s paradise and has a number of eateries of different types, which serve the local cuisine as well, and are recognized for serving specialties of French cuisine, such as soufflé, flamiche and duck confit. Skiing is a tiring sport, and the restaurants are always much in demand in Chamonix. Just after the lifts close, the town is the busiest.


Adventures for non-skiers

non skiers Mont Blanc

There are plenty of snowsport avenues for non-skiers to avail on a trip to Chamonix. They can enjoy their visit to the beautiful destination by hiking or ice climbing, snowmobiling, sleigh riding and dog sledding. Among the best ways to enjoy the mountain views is by riding a cable car. From atop the Le Brevent, a tourist can come across delightful views of Aguilles de Chamonix and Mont Blanc.


Lodging in and around Chamonix

Lodging in Mont Blanc

Just like Chamonix, the villages that surround it have come up with fine lodging arrangements for tourists. The villages are referred to as satellite villages by the local people and include Les Bossons, Les Praz, Argentiere, Les Mossoux and Les Pelerins.

By choosing to put up in Chamonix for the holidays, a tourist can enjoy the nightlife that the place offers, even while Chamonix stays a quiet destination for tourists to enjoy a relaxing and a laid back holiday, along with beautiful views of Mont Blanc. It is easier to arrange shuttles to the airport as well with ease. Terrain guides ease the process of enjoying beautiful sceneries for tourists.


Shopping in Chamonix

Shopping Mont Blanc

A little bit of shopping can find a place in a tourist’s itinerary when in Chamonix. The best time to go shopping is while relaxing after a day out skiing, or if you feel that taking a break for a day from skiing would do you right. The most shopped goods in Chamonix are food and outdoor wear. By going through the streets of Chamonix, warm jackets are easy to find. Among the most bought items in Chamonix are freshly baked baguettes.


Sites in vicinity

Sites in vicinity Mont Blanc

Chamonix is a beautiful destination and it is difficult to explore it to the fullest on a short trip. But a few of other prime holiday destinations are in the vicinity as well. They include Argentière, Les Houches or Courmayeur. These destinations also facilitate elaborate skiing and snowboarding adventures for tourists.


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