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Within these films, the exotic landscapes of Bali were presented and some of the island’s cultural characteristics were projected, in an effort to immerse viewers into an exceptional and lavishing location. For those who are planning to visit Bali, this list includes several movies that were shot in Bali and which can be used as a source of travel planning regarding sightseeing, things to do and places to explore.


1. The More Things Change (2017)

The More Things Change (2017)

This documentary was released in 2017 by a passionate American surfer called Gerry Lopez. The driving force behind his inspiration was the dramatic changes that he was able to observe and that were taking place in a specific area of Bali. More precisely, Gerry visited in 1974 one of Bali’s most known surfing spots, the area of Uluwatu. Back then, he immediately fell in love with the imposing beauty of the scenery and the rich marine life that the sea was hosting. However, when he returned back, 40 years later, Gerry was able to observe a whole different setting. This film co-produced with a local NGO in order to raise awareness about the efforts that the local community is making and to improve the area and the quality of local people’s lives. In addition, the film targets in raising awareness about the concepts of sustainability, the conservation of marine life and climate change. The documentary is not only presenting some of the area’s most spectacular landscapes but is also inspires people to act.


2. Bali Is My Life (2012)

Bali Is My Life (2012)

Bali Is My Life was released in 2012 and can be easily characterized as an insider’s guide to Bali. This interesting documentary was created by a group of locals and presents a holistic approach of the island’s culture, tradition, sightseeing opportunities and the best spots of impeccable beauty that Bali has. The main aim of the film’s creation was to initiate a movement of care and respect regarding Bali’s ecosystem and culture. The film covers, to a great extent, everything that visitors wish to know in advance in terms of society, religion, culture and nature. Among the most interesting highlights that are presented, is the warmth of the local people, their welcoming attitude and their acceptance capability relating to all possible maters. Bali Is My Life would be a great inspiration and will make you feel impatient in visiting this tropical paradise.


3. Toute La Beauté du Monde (2006)


This romantic French movie unfolds the story of a woman who lost her husband and searched once again for the meaning of life. Tina, the protagonist of the movie, travels to Bali and immediately fell in love with the charming landscape, the island’s authenticity and the azure waters of the sea. During her trip, she also fell in love with a handsome and charming gentleman. The film’s title can be translated as “All the beauty of the world” and this is not a coincidence, as it features some of Bali’s most spectacular and beautiful locations. Watching this French movie is highly recommended for those who wish to observe Bali’s main attractions and for those who wish to see the island’s natural beauty.


4. Alex Cross (2012)

Alex Cross (2012)

This particular action and drama movie was released in 2012 and tells the story of Alex Cross and a leader of a criminal organization who were involved in the Indonesian drug business. With life-threatening consequences, the film presents their actions and their operations within the criminal organization. The movie also makes a remarkable statement by presenting which are the provisions of the Indonesian law in case of drug possession and distribution. The dramatic and imposing landscapes that were featured within the Alex Cross movie were adding an extra touch of adrenaline. The most exceptional part of the movie was the ending scene that was shot in an exotic village, situated in the eastern coast of Bali.


5. The Endless Summer 2 (1994)

The Endless Summer 2 (1994)

The documentary forms a spin-off of the original film that was created in 1964 by Bruce Brown. The two main film characters are surfers who target to visit some of the world’s most notable and significant surfing destinations. Bali is definitely included in their list and the film immerses viewers into an irresistible journey within the ocean and inside the waves. The movie showcases the main reasons that make Bali one of the best surfing destinations by presenting the beautiful beaches and the exceptional lifestyle of the local communities.


6. The Fall (2006)

The Fall (2006)

The Fall was released in 2006 and tells the story of two people, Roy and Alexandria, that were met in a hospital after their injuries. The movie follows their friendship since they met and how it evolved in time. More precisely, during their time at the hospital, Roy is involved in a charming storytelling about his journeys around the world. This film features some of the world’s most exotic and paradise-like destinations, including Bali. More precisely, the film includes shots at the temple of Mount Kawi and the impressive Tegalalang rice terraces.


7. Eat Pray Love (2010)


The movie, in which Julia Roberts is starring, can be the driving force behind women’s desire to visit Bali, explore its charm and follow the movie’s footsteps. The film includes every single exceptional feature that Bali has to offer and the island is presented as the ultimate exotic spiritual destination. The main character of the film is riding her bicycle in the island’s rice fields, swimming into the refreshing waters of the sea and meeting her spiritual man in an authentic Balinese village.


8. Legong, Dance of the Virgins (1935)

Legong, Dance of the Virgins (1935)

Bali was forming a source of inspiration even before the evolution and the modernization of the cinema industry. This particular film is a great option for those who wish to enjoy a silent film and admire the old, yet authentic Balinese setting and lifestyle. More precisely, the movie was filmed even before the declaration of independence in Indonesia and features an Indonesian cast. The story is about a love triangle involving a gentleman with two Legong dance sisters that takes place in the spectacular backdrop of Ubud. The movie presents some interesting and traditional dance performances, elements of the local’s lifestyle and of course breath-taking images of the tropical landscape.


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