Aside from Rome, other cities of Italy can also be just as beautiful to walk through and experience such as Venice, Florence, and Cinque Terre. All of them offer a unique view of the country and its lore and provide lots of opportunities to explore them in depth.

If you’re thinking of an relaxing and enriching vacation to an European country, think Italy! In this article, we take a look at five villas in Italy which would be the perfect accommodation for your very own dolce vita!


Villa Roncovisi

Italy, Tuscany, Florence Area

Villa Roncovisi

Villa Roncovisi is a beautiful eighteen-century villa located in the Tuscany region, near Florence. The Tuscany region is known for its influence on Italy’s high culture and is regarded as the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance. It is also home to various World Heritage Sites like the historic center of Florence and the cathedral square of Pisa.

The villa is a luxury accommodation with an exclusive swimming pool and is located in the center of a property that spans over 18 acres of woods and olive groves. It was originally composed of two farmhouses which have been joined together and renovated by the owners.

Located in the area of Valdinevole, an area that is yet not completely disturbed by mass tourism, the villa embodies the natural and beautiful aesthetics of the Tuscan countryside. However, it is also strategically situated to ensure quick transport to all the important parts of the region.

Rates: 421€/nt - 1.043€/nt



Villa Lenka

Italy, Tuscany, Lucca Area

Lenka Villa

Located in the Tuscan region, Villa Lenka is a 17th-century aristocratic villa, providing its guests with the finest Tuscan living in a sophisticated environment. The villa is surrounded by beautiful and quiet Italian gardens and features a beautiful brook that flows into two small lakes, surrounded by dreamy weeping willow trees.

This villa, situated in a valley in the southern hills of the Lucca, once housed the Count Cosimo Bernardini who belonged to a family that was a key figure in the political background of the area.

Lucca is one of the most beloved destinations in the Tuscany region and is close to the city of Florence and Pisa. The city is filled with elements of history such as the trace of the Roman amphitheater that can be seen in the shape of Pizza dell’Anfiteatro as well as many towers and historically relevant sites.

One of the city’s most prominent tourist attractions is the walls around the city, which were not broken down when they lost their military significance but were opened up for tourists and maintained properly.

Rates: 2.143€/nt - 2.858€/nt



Villa Paolina

Italy, Tuscany, Argentario

Paolina Villa

The Villa Paolina has a rich history behind it. Initially, the villa was created in the 19th century, by a father with love for his fragile daughter who loved the sea and since then it has been host to many love stories. The current villa has been modernized and renovated to function as a modern home while maintaining its historical charm.

With a private heated pool, spacious living, hall spaces and located in the Tuscany region of Italy, this villa is the ultimate place to enjoy your vacation in Italy! It has eight bedrooms and the capacity to host up to sixteen guests. With an on-site concierge available, Villa Paolina is the absolute best property in the south of Tuscany region.

In addition, the villa is located near the Etruscan Coast, a breathtakingly beautiful 90km stretch of land washed by the sea with various towns, hamlets, and villages all offering their own experience of the southern Tuscany region.

Rates: 2.150€/nt - 3.350€/nt



Villa Privata

Italy, Tuscany, Siena Area

Privata Villa

The Villa Privata embodies the Tuscan lifestyle like no other building. In every detail of the villa in its two living rooms and eight bedrooms, you can find an influence of the region it is situated in.

It is located in the middle of over five hectares of majestic surroundings, with a gorgeous garden that spans over one thousand square meters. The property also has a twenty-four-meter long private pool, which is ideal for relaxing and soaking in the beautiful weather of the Tuscany region of Italy.

It is a secluded holiday destination and is surrounded by beautiful views of the rolling hills of Tuscany and majestic views of the sunset can be admired from the perfectly manicured garden.

Rates: 1.000€/nt - 1.540€/nt



Villa Montedomini

Italy, Tuscany, Florence Area

Montedomini Villa

Villa Montedomini is situated in the old village of Dicomano in the Tuscany region of Italy. Dicomano was originally founded and inhabited by the Etruscans and their influence can be seen all over the place. It is a city that is rich in history and filled with interesting things to explore.

The villa is built around a central courtyard and consists of two floors over a basement. The bedrooms are situated on the top floor while the first floor contains a kitchen, a library, a dining area, and five cozy living rooms.

Surrounded by a large garden with a great view of the mountains and valleys, the villa also contains a private swimming pool.

Florence is only thirty minutes away from the property and within close distance is also the Lago di Bilancino where you canoe, sail or windsurf and the Barberino Designer Outlet which provides a great shopping experience.

Rates: 386€/nt - 1.043€/nt