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Even if you never experienced scuba diving before, Bali has a variety of certified and fully professional scuba diving instructors who can teach travelers how to dive. Scuba diving in Bali is listed among family-friendly activities and sunken gardens are the perfect spot for a family adventure. Immerse yourself into the exceptional beauty of the sea by diving into these sunken gardens while in Bali.


Karang Lestari Bio-Rock Reef Project

Karang Lestari Bio-Rock Reef Project Bali

Located on the northwest coast of Bali, this is one of the best and most famous diving spots on the island. What makes this location ideal for scuba diving is the fact that it hosts the largest artificial reef project in the world. As there are calm and smooth waves around the year, the spot also demonstrates the largest area of shallow coral reefs in the world. During recent years, a conservation project took place that involved several local communities and experts, resulting in the declaration of the area as a marine protected listing. The project included some metal structures that would enable and stimulate coral growth. Those who wish to scuba dive in the area would be able to enjoy swimming next to some imposing statues of goddesses. The spectacular beauty of this sunken garden is definitely a pole of attraction for many scuba divers as it also enables diving in various difficulty levels, from beginners to professionals.


Jemeluk Bay Underwater Gallery

Jemeluk Bay Underwater Gallery Bali

The underwater gallery that can be found in Jemeluk bay in eastern Bali is an incredible site not to be missed. The area is full of sculptures that are home for multiple colorful corals, creating a unique and impressive backdrop. The sunken sculptures were created by some of the most prominent Indonesian artists hence, is a great opportunity to observe and admire their works. The most interesting feature of this underwater gallery is that it has a fully functional underwater letterbox where divers can use it to post a waterproof card during their dive. Those who are interested can purchase the waterproof cards at an extra cost before proceeding with the scuba diving experience. The sculptures include, among others, mermaids, treasure chests and a giant baby head. The location is among the top scuba diving spots as there is great visibility down to 25 meters. During the scuba diving session, participants are able to admire the beauty of nature as the area is full of exotic fishes, corals of all types and other forms of marine life.


Underwater Buddha and Stupas

Underwater Buddha and Stupas Bali

One of the most impressive sunken galleries in the broader area of Bali can be found at Ceningan Island which forms one of the three Nusa Islands. The bottom of the sea includes some spectacular and imposing statues which allow an extraordinary scuba diving experience. More precisely, divers can observe there a huge Buddha statue that is 2.4 meters tall. In addition, there are multiple smaller statues and underwater Buddhist temple stupas. Except for the classic scuba diving activity, visitors can enjoy a magnificent experience there by riding an underwater scooter. This particular activity, allowing visitors to ride a specially designed scooter among the statues and offers them experience full of fun, laughter and excitement.


Boga Shipwreck

Boga Shipwreck Bali

At the eastern coast of Bali, there is a specific location, famous around the world for having one of the most famous shipwrecks. The diving spot called Tulamben features the USS Liberty shipwreck that was sunk during World War II. In addition to that, there is another shipwreck of a cargo vessel that was sunk in 2011. Both of the shipwrecks enabled and stimulated the growth of a spectacular coral garden that houses an exceptional variety of fishes and other species of marine life. The Boga Shipwreck site, as it is also called, features many other statues and a classic Volkswagen 181 creating a truly spectacular sunken gallery. Due to the history of this shipwreck, the area is among the favorable diving spots in Bali.


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